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Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Recap

So, partially because Friday is a rest day for me, so I have no running to report about, and partially because it's the end of the week, I have a bunch of non-related tidbits that I thought I'd share. Excuse the lack of coherency and the exceptional length -- I'm feeling verbose today.

1. So, first of all: Marriage is a weird institution. One minute, you wanna scratch each other's eyes out and the next it's nothing but laughs and good times. Point in case: Jerry and I. Saturday we had a yelling match that had no equal -- it included the requisite door slamming and silent treatment. But then we resolved the issue and made up, and since then, we've been back to our regular light-hearted camaraderie. And perhaps it's because he can incite such anger in me, he can also spark so much love on my behalf, and seriously, he cracks me up on a near-daily basis. This week I have found him particularly charming, and I'll tell you the two comments he made that make me think so.

Comment Numero Uno: On Tuesday night, I called to let him know I was on my way home from my night class. We had a brief conversation about the day and then as we were about to conclude the call, he signed off by remarking: "Well, I have orcs to kill, so I'd best be off!"

That slayed me.

He's such a gaming nerd, yet instead of finding it geeky, I find it endearing and when he talks to me about the particulars of Middle Earth warfare, it warms my heart.

Comment Numero Dos: On Wednesday night, we were lying in bed having a strange conversation about whether or not turkeys have "taints" -- if you can answer the question, go ahead (and if you don't know what a "taint" is, I don't want to explain it). When he decided that my nickname from now on should be "Cheetah Cheeks"! Isn't that awesome? I think that's awesome.

2. What really angers me about smokers is not that they smoke -- I figure what you put in/take out of your body is your business -- so, no, I don't care about the smoking; instead, it's the littering that drives me nuts. All the time, when I'm sitting in traffic, I see people who just flick their cigarette butts out the car window onto the pavement of the street. This is disgusting behavior and I don't even wanna think about the amount of litter it must produce. Fine, if you wanna pollute your lungs, but no need to also pollute the earth!

3. My elderly student made a racist comment in class yesterday, and I didn't really know how to handle it or what to say, and it's been bugging me ever since. We were reading a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks titled "We Real Cool" and I asked them why the title is grammatically incorrect, and she said: "Because that's how the blacks talk in the ghetto."


Most students looked like they were gonna fall out of their chairs, but she didn't even really notice. See, I think she thought she was just making a plain observation, and I don't think she meant to hurt anyone's feelings -- despite the fact that if she would've looked to her left or right, she would've found a black student sitting nearby who probably took offense to her observation.

I simply responded that poor-grammar is not racially restrictive, nor is it a trademark of class or economic standing. Instead, I said, the poem intentionally uses poor grammar to make another kind of comment. At which point another student offered a separate, non-racist interpretation.

Like I said, I don't think she meant it as a comment to hurt people's feelings, nor do I think she was aware that such a comment was so offensive, yet does the fact that she's elderly excuse her from such ignorance? And should I have reprimanded her? It'd be like reprimanding my grandma! The whole episode has bugged me for the past 24 hours. Particularly my response/failure to respond adequately.

4. I was notified today that I was nominated as Professor of the Year, and the student commentary that was used as nomination slips was sent to me. But because I'm not tenured, I don't qualify for the award, so I don't get to go beyond the nomination process. It takes 3 years before I can apply for tenure. Then, I guess I can be recognized for my greatness. Until then, you may address me as "Jess, Potential Professor of the Year."

5. "The Office" last night was both one of the best shows and one of the worst shows I've seen in a long time. On the one hand, I was just grateful for a new episode -- we've been without for so long -- yet, on the other hand, the episode was so incredibly awkward that I felt physically uncomfortable. Mostly because I feel as though Michael and Jan threw a dinner party that resembled some dinner parties I've been to before -- it seriously made me squeamish. Yet, it had some of the most hilarious parts ever. Such mixed emotions!

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for hearing me blather on, and enjoy your Friday!
Yours Truly,
Cheetah Cheeks


Wes said...

A slow day at work ... Ha!

The key thing, now, with marriage, is to shorten the time from where you argue to when you make up. Or just do away with it all together and go right from arguing to make up sex :-D

and I don't see that as a racist remark at all. Why does the truth have to be racist? True, some truths are better left unsaid, but if you had said that was a stereotypical remark about african americans, I'd a bought that. Painting everybody with the same brush is a bad idea...

Was my redneck comment yesterday racist?

I certainly like to think of myself as open, but I have a small pet peeve when it comes to speaking the english language (and no, I don't have a monopoly on correct english).

I guess Cheetah cheeks goes hand in hand with flashing at the wedding, eh? LOL!!!

Congrats on the nomination! I'm sure you'll win as soon as you become tenured!

Have a great weekend!!

AnthonyP said...

Following up on Wes's "shorten" theme, for me, especially now with kids, the key thing is to shorten the time that you are actually ALONE together, or, just do away with it all together, thus reducing the odds of getting into full blown battles. Hence....why I run 50 and 100 mile races !

I thought The Office last night was just plain weird, although parts of it were quite comical.

J~Mom said...

DH are are polar opposites on many issues so when we fight we really fight..the same can be said for making up. A good fight is really good for falling in love all over again.

Hmmm...I am not sure what you could have said to that student. I think you handled it well.

I totally agree on The Office. I was so happy and giddy to watch and see my long lost friends...and yet such a strange episode. I laughed at different parts but then was like..what the? I saw this before it was called "The War of the Roses". I loved when Jim was all set to leave the party. Anything to get out of there. And when Angela smashed the ice cream cone..that was funny. As matter of fact I think Angela had the funniest parts last night.

Marcy said...

I'm with Lisa, Mr McG and I are on different ends of the spectrum, and though we rarely fight . . . when we do, everyone best better clear the area. It's like a Cops episode in here :P LOL JK (not THAT bad but it's bad enough)

CONGRATS on the nomination ;D ;D YOu must be one kick ass professor, chica ;D

chia said...

I'm feeling verbose too...

1.) You two are just too cute. I think a little tea made it into my nasal passages at the orc comment. He's a keeper :-)

Where do I find a marriage that just has the make up sex and none of the other mean bits? Anyone know a deaf mute out there?

2.) It's like a £50 fine (around $100) in England if you're caught throwing a ciggie butt in the street. I'm really surprised it's not a fine-able offense here as well.

3.) That student could have done a better job wording their generalization, yes, but the end result of their statement is essentially true. All the stuff I read of Brooks was written "situationally adjusted to the dialect of the people" but that's no different than saying it's how "blacks in the hood" talk. Of course, I was desensitized from all that at an early age - my dad was black and would have spouted off in class: "that's how a nigga talk." Still, I think we're all a little uneasy when we hear another's culture being pigeonholed into some misconceived perception of "their kind." You have a good heart Jess :-)

4.) It's kind hearted things like "numero tres" and educated rationale that put your name on those ballots, tenure or no tenure it's still better than any crappy award any day!

5.) TV = Evil :-D

Have a great weekend!

Tri+Umph said...

Turkeys have taints.

End of story.

ws said...

congrats on being potential prof of the year.

I think the Turkey question falls into the same category as cannibalism questions - forever unanswerable but open for debate.

enjoy the rest of your Friday.

Erin said...

Well, you can't win adjunct of the year (check, you already did it) so you will just have to wait until you get tenure. Congrats on the nomination. That's great news. We know you rock as a teacher and being nominated confirms it.

Ah yes, I could comment on all the other random tidbits but then it would be longer than my own posts on my blog.

Office was good but was very awkward. That Michael Scott...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your nomination! Even though you can't "win" it still is nice to know your hard work is paying off.

As for married life. For me, I think a key is to say what you need to, know when to end the discussion, then get over it and let it go. Plus, we always seem to fight over things that have no meaning and aren't important.

lifestudent said...

Its funny you mention that about The Office last night. I generally get an awkward and uncomfortable feeling watching the show, generally feeling bad for the people in it ... and then somehow feeling bad for myself at the same time. I know the feelings I get are exactly why the show is such a hit, but sometimes I cant tell if I enjoy watching it or not ... but I tend to be a bit more sensitive than many people around me, so generally I assume I am just crazy :)

Betsy said...

Hey, I was at that dinner party, too! I thought you looked familiar.

Also, I do not excuse older people from racist comments, because they lived through, for example, the civil rights movement, which you'd think would be eye-opening. But I think that in this student's case, you should see her intent - she meant absolutely no harm or offense.

Shannon said...

Glad to know that all married people fight and it's not weird that I just told my husband that I "don't like him that much right now" to which he responded "fine, I'm going out to mow the lawn."

Would you say our conversation is more or less awkward than The Office dinner party?

I have no idea what taints are! Is this something I'm going to have to google?

Congrats on the nom - I am so not surprised - you are awesome.

Unrelated, but I think Ellen Page would be perfect to play you in the movie version of your life. I think she could totally pull off your Jessness. What do you think?

Jess said...

The Office was definitely awkward as hell...Michael was like over the top

Brianna said...

Congrats on the nomination! Who comes up with these rules that only tenured profs can get awards? Pure craziness!

As for marriage . . . it IS a wild ride - even 8 years into it!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice job on the nomination. They like you, they really like you. :D

He sounds like a keeper.

Mary Gee said...

Imagine by the time you are tenured what kind of awards you will earn! congrats!

SLB said...

Congrats on the nomination. The Office was fall of my chair laughing funny!

RazZDoodle said...

I agree about The Office. It was - hands down - the most awkward 1/2 hour of TV. I think that's what made it brilliant!

David said...

I like that The Office doesn't appear to be at a point where they have to reinvent the show. There's a progression of the characters that they can milk for quite a while yet, if they do it right.

I think the only animals without taints are maybe cephalopods and some insects (if you consider them animals) like worms. Any separation between the cornhole and the "doin it" bits is taint, in my book.

David said...

Oh, and congrats Potential Professor of the Year Cheetah Cheeks!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I think you handled the situation with the student very well. That's probably why you're potentially professor of the year. ;)

After 19yrs of marriage, Husband & I rarely fight. It just isn't worth it...life's too short to waste energy being angry.

Marathoner in Training said...

You handled it with the student just fine. I do see how that could be racest, but also can see how there is some truth to the statement as stated.

Firefly's Running said...

Josh and I had one of those fights last weekend. But we were able to work things out.

As for the student comment, I am so surprised that no one started an uproar.

Viv said...

I just am laughing over here since you two discussed taints in bed! No doubt you will be professor of the year once you have tenure.

The Office was funny at times. That was my first episode ever. So, maybe I should give it another shot. Your writing is so engaging. Posts like these are reading material to me, without a trip to B&N.