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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Posion Packed Weeked

Sorry, I tried posting earlier today, but Blogger wouldn't allow me to publish my post, so the Posion report was slightly delayed...I know, you guys cried a little in anticipation, right?

Anyway, here are some pics to help illustrate the evening concert. Top left, we got to the venue early in order to tailgait: we grilled some brats and enjoyed a few beers beforehand -- we also got to observe the interesting cultural surroundings (Posion concert-goers can be interestingly attired; in fact, next year we may need to go ahead and get creative with our own outfits -- clearly, I should've been wearing something in leopard print).
Once inside the concert, we found a good spot on the lawn and bought ourselves some $8 beers while we listened to the opening bands. The weather was warm, but the sky was overcast and we had a nice breeze, so the evening was fine for an outdoor concert, and thankfully, we didn't get rained on like last year.

I don't know if $8 beer truly does taste better than a regular 12 oz can, but it must've because we started sucking those beers down fast, and we quickly began to enjoy concert shenanigans. Our foursome, below, danced, sang along, fell down on the lawn quite a bit, and enjoyed the show.
Here, from the left is Ryan, me, Erin, and my hubby, the Jer-Bear. Ryan was kind enough to remain sober in order to haul all of us back from the concert safely and he was very patient with our end of the evening broo-ha, which included Erin peeing in the parking lot, me puking, and all of us making the token drunk calls in the car on the ride home.

Below: me rockin out! Posion puts on a great show, which says a lot since they've essentially been playing the same set for 20 years, but they still hammer out the classics with as much energy as I imagine they would've 20 years ago. And despite the fact that I think a little less of Brett Michaels now that he's on that ridiculous "Rock of Love," I still loved him like I did in 7th grade when he sang "Every Rose Has Its Thorns"; sorry David, I forgot my lighter for that number.

All in all, it was Posion-tastic. And all day yesterday I kept marveling at how great I was feeling after my 20 miler; however, after being up for more than 20 hours, drinking my weight in beer, and dancing the night away, I was not only ill, but I was sore. This morning I felt like I'd aged about 10 years as I hobbled to take the dog out. So, I spent most of the morning sleeping my hangover off, and prepaing for the afternoon bbq. Once we got to the Labor Day Weekend bbq that our friends were hosting, I was feeling fine, and Bud Light and I reconciled, but I have to admit that going up and down the steps of the pool was a bit stiff. But once I was in the pool this afternoon with a beer in one hand and a kabob in the other, I was fine.

Thank God, tomorrow is another day off. Two days of drinking require that I need some rest tomorrow. My husband and I plan a whole lot of nothing, and I, in particular, plan to sit in bed and read the 3rd book in my vampire series. With any luck, I may be able to polish it off. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm ashamed to admit this... but I'm addicted to Rock of Love. I have it TiVo'd and every Sunday morning I plop down with my breakfast (waffles today!) for an hour chocked full of bimbos and beer. Love it!

Today's episode recap: The big haired blonde bimbo got Bret tattoo'd on her neck, and Sam got kicked off -the vindictive bi-otch Lacey got to stay. Grrr!

Anyhoo... sounds like a great evening! I may only be 20, but I sure enjoy me a good rock concert (Def Leppard is my top choice) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! You ran 20 miles and therefore the Poison celebration much deserved.

Erin said...

Yes! Rockin' out with Poison is a nice yearly adventure. Too bad we haven't figured out we can play the greatest hits cd, drink a case of beer, and grill at home for the same but cheaper drunken experience. Maybe next year.

I know that after Motley Crue's horrible performance last year, I am hesitant to give them another chance. Poison is consistently good.

J~mom said...

I so would have been in bed for two days after all of that! Sounds like fun but next time we expect a drunken post. You are leaving us dry since bowling is over.

scott keeps running said...

what an awesome weekend you've had. i swatted flies today. it's fun, i promise.

ws said...

I, too, was expecting a bowlingesque drunken concert review, oh well. Isn't it weird that you can walk upstairs with no problem but for some reason downstairs is impossible to manage?

We all need to accept "Rock of Love" for what it is - TV that is so bad, it is good.

Enjoy a relaxing day off...

sRod said...

20 miles and a concert in one day? That makes you a bit of a rock star yourself? I wish I was that able on long run days.

Marcy said...

Way to rock out chica!! After running those 20 miles you TOTALLY deserved a little celebratory party.

I hope you didn't drunk dial Grandma :P

Firefly's Running said...

Sounds like an awesome night, Jess!

L*I*S*A said...

Gotta love Poison. I saw them last year with my fave, Cinderella. Bret Michaels is okay, but don't get in between me and Tom Keifer. :)

Mendy said...

too funny pics, you got there! looks like a blast. Glad you had fun!!

I was about 13 when Poison started their tour in our hometown, and my Dad had those connections (by working at the auditorium as a lighting tech), so I hung out with them a couple of afternoons. I even have pics of my brother and I with CeCe and Bret. they are hilarious looking!!