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Friday, September 14, 2007

Scooter Saga Continues

Thanks for the comments concerning Scooter as an illegal condo resident: some of your comments were very helpful, and certainly all were encouraging.

After not receiving a response from management via email today, my husband and I drove over to the management office and spoke with someone there. She wasn't a whole lotta help, but she was nice. Essentially, she said we had to plead our case in writing, and the management board would consider it and decide their course of action. So, to ensure the fact that they have plenty of written material before them, I also wrote a letter and faxed it to the management arguing our side and pleading that they decide compassionately on Scooter's behalf.

Now, it's just a waiting game. Hopefully, we hear something back from them by next week.

My husband is still a bundle of nerves over the broo-ha, and I know he didn't sleep well last night and I know he won't be able to relax until we've received some kind of word back from the association and its management, but that's just how he is. Me? Oh, I'm concerned, and I marched into that office this afternoon ready to argue (and was a little disappointed that I didn't get to do so), but I am a little better at taking things in a step-by-step approach than my husband. I figure that I've done what I can right now, and that I'll just have to be patient until we hear back. Plus, I'm not going down without a fight: So, if the board responds negatively to our written requests, I'm not giving up until I can meet with management in person. And I can harrass like no other in person.

So, this is gonna weigh on us for a spell.

But, I do need to focus on my long run tomorrow morning at 4:30 am, so I think I will go gather my morning stuff together into the pile I make every Friday night in preparation of Saturday's long run, and then I will think about making something delicious for dinner. Have a good weekend everyone! Toodles.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Yikes! I just read about the whole pet issue. I agree with you, I'd be willing to pay a fine, but not get rid of my pet(s). Wonder what made them decide to crack down on the rules?

Jess said...

Oh man! I hope everything works out with the Scooter situation! Don't go down with out a fight!

David said...

I guess it could go (or have gone) two ways: 1) it was a paper tiger, and there will never be any real action, it's just on your "permanent record", or 2) one of the jerk holes is on the board, and is pushihg the issue, which will cause a fight.

I would suspect the former, since you haven't heard about it until now. Unless, of course, there's been a recent shake-up in the board membership. Someone cried because they stepped in a big turd, and the HOA is "taking official action". Was the notice a form letter, or personalized to you and your husband?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh man. I just read it all too. I would totally be like hubby, worse case scenario-ing everything. At least there is a process for pleading your case. That sounds reasonable. Is Scooter a barker? You might be able to make a very nice case for Scooter being a responsible resident.

I hope it all works out. Hope your long run goes fast! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your doggie problems! I hope everything works out for the best and that your hubby doesn't fret too much :(

Good luck with your run tomorrow!

runner26 said...

That is too sad! Scooter needs to stay. Hopefully they will back off and everything will go back to normal. Best of luck! And hope all goes well with the long run tomorrow.

ws said...

I'd say Scooter could come north to West Palm, but he'd probably choke on some random item on the floor and get sick.

Enjoy the long run tomorrow...

teacherwoman said...

Yuck. I hope this all gets resolved and fast!

Hands Off My Biscuits said...

It's time Scooter became a service dog; your complex has to have some kind of allowance for service dogs.

Just make an official looking certificate with your computer and buy Scooter one of those service dog saddlebag things and you're all set.

J~mom said...

Rooting for scooter. I hope you all were able to relax tonight. I hate having stuff like this hanging over my head for the weekend. :>(

Tom said...

Hi Jess,

Quick comment but not related to Scooter.

Several of us who are blogging and running the Chicago Marathon are trying to get together to meet on Friday afternoon or evening of marathon weekend, maybe for a drink or meal.

No details yet. Let me know if you have an interest, and please feel free to tell anyone else blogging and heading to Chicago.

e-mail w comments or interest