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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good vs Evil

Sooo, I was supposed to do 5 miles tonight, as I indicated on the previous post, but I've just been dragging today. This evening all I wanted to do was lay there and melt my brain with some mindless TV, and the lazy devil part of me encouraged this:

"Jess, you have been so, so good for the past several months with your marathon training and you deserve a night of nothing. Why don't you just snuggle in and rest? While you're at it, why not also indulge in a cupcake? Hmm? Doesn't that sound nice?"

Yes, yes, it did. But then the ambitious angel part of me piped up:

"Jess, you know you can NOT take a day off of running! You've come so far in this training. You have to run this evening. You can NOT let your lazy butt rot away while your brain enjoy its mental heroin."

Ugh. Stupid ambitious angel, you are always right, I sighed.

But the tug back and forth was too great to allow one side to win; thus, I compromised the two selves: I would run 3 miles.

"Fine!" huffed the lazy devil.

"Good!" cheered the ambitious angel.

So, I did 3 miles tonight. Not 5, not 0. Now...I do think I will have that cupcake.


brunettechicagogal said...

I think those compromises are a good way to manage the tedium that tends to set in around this point in marathon training. I remember being SO tired of those weeknight runs by the time September rolled around. Good for you, and that cupcake really sounds good.

Mary Gee said...

What flavor was it?

Wes said...

LOL. I would've run 5 miles and had TWO cupcakes :-)

Marcy said...

Next time bring a whole box of cupcakes out while you run, that will motivate you to stay out there longer :P

Awesome job Jess!

David said...

Way to give both of them the finger and do what YOU want to do. Stupid running!

Seriously, though, you got out there, flushed out some lactic acid, got your heart rate up, burned some glycogen, stretched tissues...you did in 3 miles mostly what 5 miles would have done, without a tiny extra endurance nuged. Do you need it? Uh, you did 20 last weekend; I'm saying no. Don't sweat it at all; stretch, hydrate, roll, nourish, and smile. BTW, Miller Lite (a far better lite beer) has 96 calories and .9 grams of protein.

ws said...

three is greater than zero. and those last two miles won't even matter.

I hope you had a cupcake with chocolate cake and vanilla frosting with sprinkles. (the 3 year old neice and I experienced the impossible last weekend - a cupcake so bad we didn't finish it).

teacherwoman said...

Do you have any extra cupcakes?!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great job getting out. I think it was a fabulous compromise.
Cupcake = carbs
Miller Lite is also a nice source of carbs!! :)

miss petite america said...

perfect compromise!

CollegeGirl said...

Chocolate I hope?

Ryan said...

David is right, Miller Lite is the drink of champions.

J~mom said...

3 or 5...it's all the same to me.