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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Tuesday

Yes, it's that time again: A post full of unrelated tidbits.

  • I have been having very vivid dreams lately. Two nights ago, I dreamed I was fighting a pack of evil vampires (as opposed to the "good" ones who were on my side), and I, in particular, was pitted against the most evil vampire -- he could shift shapes -- and I killed that fucker with a very sharp stick that was like my sword (why the dream didn't afford me an actual sword as a weapon, I don't know).
  • I always avoid the news on 9/11. Something about re-visiting the events of the day bother me. So, instead of listening to NPR on the way to work today, I listened to some rockin tunes. I have to admit that singing along to Avril made me feel far perkier than listening to yet another report about roadside bombs in Iraq.
  • I almost plowed into a student in the parking lot (her car, not her) this morning. I feel for students b/c parking on campus sucks. But it's not an excuse to pull out without looking. It made me wonder: if I total my car, how much would the insurance company pay me? Not much. My car is getting pretty ghetto, and something tells me that 1998 Honda Civics aren't excatly pulling down the $$$ on the market.
  • I woke up with a rather brilliant new idea about how to teach a particular short story. I'm gonna test the idea on my two classes today; I am crossing my fingers it will be a success.
  • I think I'm gonna go buy another cup of coffee from the campus cafeteria -- I am feeling the need for extra caffeine today. Not so much b/c I feel tired, but b/c I feel pretty wired from the previous two cups at home, and I'd like to maintain the buzz.
  • My hair looks really good today; seriously, I look like a shampoo ad. Too bad I can hardly stand to wear it down and I'll probably tie it back in a pony shortly to get it outta my face.
  • Today is cross-train-Tuesday, so I'll probably walk my miles with Erin tonight, but for some reason, I am antsy to run. Maybe it's the caffeine.

Okay, homies, that's your dose of randomness, enjoy!


keith said...

my girlfriend likes her some buffy the vampire slayer, too. just not before bed.

i'm glad you're having a good hair day.

brunettechicagogal said...

Hello, Buffy! About your Civic -- I think you might get more for it than you'd imagine. Civics are one of the top-rated cars for reliability by Consumer Reports magazine (my bible for car-buying). In fact, I'll probably be hunting for a used Civic sometime in the next few months.

You should take a photo of your good hair day so we can all see. Don't you love when those happen?

Bonni Michelle said...

*sigh* I have the same issue with hair... I spend forever getting it just right and then I pull it back the second it starts bugging me (read: 30 seconds).
I am at UWF in Pensacola and they are in the process of getting us new ID cards without the SS# on them, but it is taking longer than it should. Thankfully I'm not sure that many of the students are bright enough to pick up the card and realize that the middle 8 digits are a SS#... then again, I could be wrong :)

Anonymous said...

I thought I was having a good hair day also, until the massive campus winds knocked it out. Boo.

Amy said...

you forgot to mention the lack of ass fondling going on in your home. Too bad...I think your readers would have liked to hear about it :o)

ws said...

no wonder you like FL so much, you listen to NPR. They had that Iraq hearing on CNN this morning at 4am - I'm sure all the 4am runners were excited about that programming choice.

The insurance payout depends on your insurance in some cases - replacement value or recovery, I think.

David said...

That's odd, the other night I had a dream I was trying to make out with some chick and she stabbed me in the chest with a huge wooden sword while all her friends were doing the "Fame" dance routine around her.


Jess, have you ever seen the Jenny Craig (I think, or maybe Weight Watchers) TV commercial where the lady gets up from her desk to go out, runs to the elevator, and she's lost so much weight that her skirt falls down and she trips right into the elevator? For some reason I think of you every time that's on. Not because I think you are a klutz or anything, but it seems like the kind of embarrassing and unfortunate thing that might happen to you.

Jess said...

I was having a rocking hair day too...but then it rained haha...enjoy the rest of your fabulous hair day...and maybe even that run tonight too!

Marcy said...

WOw that IS blog worthy!! Your hair is looking fab in that sauna?!? Sweet!!

I need another cup of coffee myself . . .thanks for the reminder hehe

Hands Off My Biscuits said...


Anonymous said...

Now that is some serious randomness. But still entertaining!

miss petite america said...

your civic is probably worth more in parts than as a whole!

but not having a car payment...now that's priceless!

teacherwoman said...

If I had that much coffee, I would be having a serious case of the shakes!
But, it's hard for me to find a good balance!

Anonymous said...

Love great hair days!
In college a professor plowed into 6 cars all at the same time and didn't ever look back - it was bad.

Melinda said...

You should check out the website for the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyers. The books is about vampires and came about because of a dream the author had...maybe you're supposed to write a book. :)

J~mom said...

I saw the Twilight book in the bookstore yesterday and thought of you. :>)

I usually mess up my good hair with my sunglasses then I have to keep my sunglasses on my head all day. You know how dumb I look with sunglasses on at 9 at night?