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Monday, August 21, 2006

Talk Dirty to Me!

I think the pictures tell the story of our night at the Poison concert best (hint: comments precede the appropriate pictures -- didn't want to confuse anyone):

Here's the gang at the end of the night playing in the funfetti up by the stage. Our seats were no where near this close, we were up on the lawn (getting poured on and slipping in the muddy grass) but I think that's where they put the awesome people, because we had a blast!

I don't know these people (met them in the parking lot while tailgating), but they are the perfect example of the sort of "color" one sees at an event that features Poison. Clearly, I was under-dressed.

I fell in the mud, no wait, let me re-phrase that, I was dragged through the mud by one of my cohorts. I was a diiirty girl! (Psst, that's my husband standing next to me. This is a monumental moment bloggers: He let me post a picture with him in it! Maybe he wants a bit of the limelight?)

This is how you get an event started -- in the parking lot! We spotted four Camaros (spelling?) which was a little disappointing. We thought for sure there would be loads of Camaros, Trans Ams, and Mustangs, but really, they weren't outnumbering any other vehicle.

It was a grand time, my friends. So my advice? See Poison in a town near you. Especially if the tickets are $15. That was less than the price of two beers inside the concert!


Firefly's Running said...

Wow! I was very mild concert-goer compared you guys.

Ryan said...

Jess, Here is the song list for Talledega Nights that you were looking for.

Audioslave ("Cochise")
Steve Earle("Hard-Core Troubadour")
Buckcherry("Lit Up")
Motley Crue ("Kickstart My Heart")
Waylon Jennings("Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line")
Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Gimme Three Steps")
Charlie Parker (Segment")
Ben Perowski ("Segment")
Caleb Followill
Song ("Holy Roller Novocaine")
Nathan Followill
Song ("Holy Roller Novocaine")
Angelo T. Petraglia
Song ("Holy Roller Novocaine")
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart("Vedrai Carino" from "Don Giovanni")
400 Blows ("Shipwrecked Sailor")
Mick Jagger("Paint It Black(Marie Doceur, Marie Colere)")
David Allan Coe ("Walking Bum")
Steve Earle("I Feel Alright")
Steve Earle("Valentine's Day")
Set The Controls ("Starting Line")
Journey (Faithfully")
Franz Joseph Haydn (II)("Symphony No. 104 in D Major")
Monster Magnet ("Space Lord")
Saliva("Click Click Boom")
AC/DC ("T.N.T.")
Sepultura ("Desperate Cry")
Sepultura ("Inner Self")
John Moon Martin("Bad Case of Lovin' You")
Pat Benatar ("We Belong")
Wayne Kramer ("The Edge of the Switchblade")
Paul Jabara ("Last Dance")
George Michael ("Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go")
John Hartford("Gentle On My Mind")
Lucinda Williams ("Gentle On My Mind")
Lee Ferrell ("Goodbye Cowboy")
Hal Ratliff("Goodbye Cowboy")

Nicole said...

That looks like so much fun! I used to love posion. And I love the outfits.

Froyd said...



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