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Monday, August 07, 2006

An Unexpected Run

Not all runs are planned. Sometimes, we runners are called into action at unexpected moments. This afternoon was just such a moment. We have been dog-sitting Wilson, the pictured puggle, since Wednesday, and he's been very good and he is an incredibly sweet dog. But also, apparently, a sneaky one.

This afternoon when I got home from class, I took both he and Scooter out for a walk, and when we got back, I unleashed them when we were at the threshold of the house (this allows them to sprint indoors to the water bowl without yanking my arm off). I have never had an escapee, but today, Wilson took a look behind him, realized he was free, and ran. Scooter paused for a second and then was off in pursuit.

I was running and chasing them (not very effectively because I was still wearing my heals from work, and they aren't prime shoes for a quick jaunt across the parking lot). They were pretty fast for two dogs that mostly lay around all day. Scooter, to his credit, came to me, but I had to out-wit Wilson as he rounded the corner of a bush in order to catch him.
I wasn't winded, but a short sprint in the early afternoon heat was not something I needed and those dogs got a few choice words and some smacks on the behind: They immediately looked very sorry. Maybe I should start strapping on my running shoes all the time, just in case I am called upon to run -- if superheroes keep their capes under their regular clothes, maybe my shoes should all be capable of morphing into running shoes at a moment's notice. Dang, that would be handy.


Blaine Moore said...

Instantly morphing shoes into running shoes? That would be sweet!

teacherwoman said...

That's kinda funny!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Our dogs lead us on all kind of adventures don't they??

Running by.... said...

I love your idea of morphing shoes. I'm going outta town for 1 night (work crap) and I'm packing 3 pairs of shoes. And I'm not even a shoe person!

Firefly's Running said...

OMG! Naughty doggies. I would always keep your running shoes nearby next time.