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Monday, August 28, 2006

Ernesto and Other Notes

It's a little difficult to concentrate today since Ernesto is threatening to hit our area in the next few days. Right now, the storm is just a Tropical Storm, but forecasters are saying that it will most likely turn into a category 1 hurricane after is crosses Cuba, and then it is headed directly for South Florida (but there is always room for uncertainty and it could wobble any which way within the projected "cone"). People are scrambling to get supplies in order here and I'm waiting for the word on whether classes will be cancelled tomorrow or not; we'll wait and see. Cross your fingers for us!

In other non-storm related news, last night I had great 5 miler. It was humid, but there was a slight breeze, so it wasn't unbearable; plus, I had some new tunes, curtesy of a friend, and that made the run go by quickly. When I got home, my husband and I enjoyed some "big salads" for dinner and I had some Gatorade -- perfect recovery meal. This morning, I did some yoga and ab work. I think I need some new yoga videos to help mix things up, does anyone have any suggestions?

That's about it for today. I'll keep you bloggers updated about the storm as soon as I know more (and if we continue to have power)!


Kels said...

I have been keeping an eye on Ernesto as well... Isn't living in Florida great?

You should look for a yoga DVD that it specifically for runners. They have some stretches that are great after long runs.

neese said...

hoping ernesto stays way away from you and everyone! ~

kels mentioned a dvd for runners, that sounds interesting i'm going to look for that as well

Running Jayhawk said...

Eep! I had no idea there even was an Ernesto (I'm so savvy with my current affairs). Hopefully it'll just die out and not transpire into anything ugly. If it does, catch the first flight to Chicago and shack up with us until it blows over. :)

Keep us posted!!