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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Ode to Snacks

There are many things I love to eat: big plates of spaghetti, thick hunks of cake, heaping bowls of ice cream, and piles of chicken marsala. Unfortunately, I can't really eat like that, even running can't burn as many calories as I'd like to consume, and usually when I have those above mentioned treats, I try to limit my portions (note the word "try"). But aside from a deep love of all things rich and fat-laden, I also love many snacks that aren't too bad for you, and because I love a list, I thought I would give to you a top ten among light snacks.

These treats are all approximately 100-150 calories in their appropriate serving size. Here they are in descending order (best for last):

10. Banana

9. Snack pack sized cottage cheese

8. Apple

7. Small pita (pitettes, they are often called) and tbl spoon of hummus

6. Biscotti

5. String Cheese

4. Snack pack no-sugar Jello-O (cherry, please) with a tbl spoon of Cool Whip Free

3. Package of generic fruit snacks

2. Starbucks Tall No-Fat Latte

1. 100 calorie pack Chips Ahoy!

If you have your own to add, please do so. I'm always looking to expand my low-cal snack repetoire!


Kim said...

Pickles, sugar-free Jello or fat-free chocolate pudding cup, carrots with fat-free ranch dressing, popcorn with garlic powder and i cant believe it's not butter spray...by the way, all this talk is making me HUNGRY!!!

Firefly's Running said...

The new Hershey's and Reese's 100 calories snack packs. YUMMMY!

Instead of jello, chocolate pudding with low-fat Cool Whip on top.

The mini packs of M&M's (not so healthy but yummy!)

Kels said...

I love lists. Here are my favorites snacks:

3 Triscuits and 3 slices Kraft "cracker cuts" cheddar --170 cal.

1/4 cup almonds (Emerald brand dry-roasted almonds are the best) --170 cal.

2 "Fig Newmans"--140 cal.

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches--140 cal.

Any fresh fruit.

Anita said...

My big treats are Sugar-free Popsicles at 10-20 calories a piece with my favorite flavors being the Diet Crunch, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Diet A & W Root Beer variety box, though Tropical flavors or the Rainbow Sticks are never refused.

Taryn said...

Lately I've been addicted to the Caramel Karma Kashi bars. 140 cals for a good mix of fiber, carbs, & protein! I've only been able to find the caramel over here... let me know if there are other yummy flavors!

Nicole said...

Nice list. I love snacks that are healthy for you.