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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Yes, so I should not be allowed to post when I've been drinking, but it could be worse -- I could be drunk-dialing, so Blogger, in a sense, saves me from even more embarassing repercussions. You, my dear readers, just have to suffer the consequences of such incoherent rambling.

On the schedule for today: It's a cross training day, so I've been doing a combo of lifting/stretching/easy going cardio on these days. Tuesday I walked the dog, focused on arms and abs and did some yoga. Today I plan much of the same except a focus on legs for the lifting part. I also bowl tonight; that must score me some kind of extra credit with cross training.

As a side note, something unrelated to running, but related to drinking: I have terrible breath today. Probably a side effect of beer and, perhaps, the wings that peeled away the top layer of skin on my lips, but might also be from the coffee for breakfast and the onions on my salad for lunch. I feel as though I should be breathing fire. It takes a strong odor to detect your own bad breath, so maybe I need to go get a mint and do a thorough teeth-brushing. Icky.


Erin said...

Leave the poor chicken wing you ate along. Yes, I recall you only eating one hot one!

I ate many more, my lips did not peel, and my breathe was not so unbearable that I need to call in a special order of altoids to get through the day :) But...I do recall my eyelids sweating and nose running. They were quite warm.

Erins Husband said...

She talks tough but she had swamp breath this morning as well.

Firefly's Running said...

Ah...I don't think it would be the hot wings that could cause the "foul" breath. Sounds like nothing that a breath mint or chewing gum could have taken care of.

Nicole said...

Depending on how heavy your bowling ball is I defintely think you can count that as part of strength training. No?