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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blueberries: The Magical Fruit

Aside from the damage done to Veruca Salt, a blueberry has only good things to give a person; in fact, it seems that everywhere I turn lately I am reading about the wonders of the blueberry.

It can't cure cancer, but I think it would try -- it's that kind of fruit. But while it can't cure cancer, it is supposed to be one of the foods highest in natural antioxidants, so I guees it can be quite helpful in discouraging cancer. Among blueberries' other advantageous qualties are that they are good for your skin (as all antioxidants are), they help prevent urinary tract infections, they can help improve eyesight (even better than carrots), and they can help reduce cholesterol (the bad kind). Those tiny blue orbs do a lot for being so small (and I am always encouraged to see small things doing big tasks).

Keeping the wonders of blueberries in mind, I bought some at the grocery store yesterday and had them with some of the most delicious raspberries I've ever had and some (questionable, but edible) lowfat vanilla yogurt for my lunch. I felt like the healthiest girl in the world -- such a good little eater. So, is it wrong that I want to follow it all up with a bowl-full of double fudge brownie ice cream?

If blueberries are so magnificent, won't they blast away the fat and cholesterol from the ice cream? Are they that powerful?


Firefly's Running said...

Ah...I don't think so. That's only in own imagination.

Nicole said...

Both on the account of blueberries and ice cream. Maybe you should forgo the yogurt and just add the blueberries to the ice cream.
By the way I defintely think hat man should have left last night. I'm not that fashionable but I even know better than that. Maybe they thought he would make for better tv at least for a few weeks.

pinaypower said...

they must be THAT powerful because they are damned expensive!

but even so, i give into the prices because they promise so much!

Travis said...

I agree...I like them frozen too! Believe it or not, my frozen bb's keep getting stolen from the freezer at work. So, maybe since they are so expensive, they are being sold on the black (fruit)market or something. I am going to set up a spy cam in our lunch room! Keep you posted!

mercurial runner said...

Mmmm... blueberries. Can't blueberries and vanilla or strawberry ice cream go together?