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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Early Sunday Morning

At 5:15 this morning, my dog, Scooter, was standing on the floor by the foot of the bed looking like he was gonna puke. He'd been to his dog friend's birthday party on Saturday night (a party humans were able to enjoy just as much as the dogs) where he'd been treated to doggie ice cream and other doggies treats, and at 5:15 in the a.m., it seemed that all of that was going to come back up.

So I leashed him up and took him for a stroll in the predawn hour. It was still dark out, but the humidity was already oppressive; I felt vindicated to discover that the early morning was no cooler than the late evening (thus justifying my need to sleep in and save my runs for night). We walked about half a block, and Scooter did not barf but he did attend to other business and that must've settled his stomach. On our return, I spotted another solitary human out, and lo and behold, it was someone running.

He jogged on past us and waved a sweaty "hello" and I immediately felt guilty. Here I was, a supposed runner, counting the seconds until I could return to the cool comfort of my bed when he was out here in the wee hours getting it done. The morning runners always seem more dedicated than the rest of us, and they know it -- smug bastards.

Anyway, the guilt didn't linger long. Once Scooter and I went back into the air conditioned house and snuggled into our cool beds, we were both sound asleep.


Erin said...

Poor Scooter! Glad he didn't get sick but sorry you had to get up so early. I was a sloth too and stayed under the covers most of the morning. I plan on exercising tonight. Then Monday morning brings the great debate...should I or shouldn't I exercise before work. The answer is always YES until 5 am rolls around.

Firefly's Running said...

Don't that runner get to you and make you feel guilty. Stick to your plans and run when you want to.

I hope Scooter is feeling better.

neese said...

"smug bastards" LOL!!!

great post, glad the pooch feels better.

Running Jayhawk said...

"The morning runners always seem more dedicated than the rest of us, and they know it -- smug bastards."


This is so true. And I'd give anything to be one of them, too!! Except I like my pillow a tad too much.

jeanne said...

ha, i'm a morning runner, and i am so not smug. there's ALWAYS someone who's out there earlier, so i think that they're the REAL morning runner...i'm just pretending! besides, i'm usually asleep the whole way, anyway.

good job on no doggie puke.