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Monday, July 03, 2006

Long Weekend

It's funny how doing nothing leads to doing nothing, as if inactivity reproduces.

For this long Fourth of July weekend, I have managed to do as little as possible, even though I still got trapped in doing some work around the house and I was tricked into grocery shopping (one of the most evil chores), but today there really are no chores left to do (not entirely true, the house could be cleaned and the last load of laundry that's still sitting in the dryer could actually be folded instead of left to sit in the dryer). And even though this laziness should provide me with extra energy to exercise, it really leaves me with the desire to do nothing.

Although, I did run five miles yesterday evening in the slow drizzle. That's got to count for a lot on a long weekend.


teacherwoman said...

Sometimes you just gotta do nothing! But nice job on the 5 miles!

runnergirl said...

Any and all efforts count triple on a long weekend. So, as I see it, it's more like you ran 15 miles instead of 5!

Nicole said...

I'm jealous I had to work today. But, I admit I love grocery shopping.

PS My Scooter is a beagle/bassett hound

Firefly's Running said...

It's awesome to do nothing. Awesome job on the 5 miles.