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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bills, bills, bills

It often feels as though every single bill is rising: Electric is going up because gas prices continue to soar and our electric company needs to recoup costs from last year's hurricane, cable/internet are going up just because they can, and insurance (both car and home) is rising because of the risk of hurricanes. So every time I open a statement, I cringe a little in anticipation. But, yesterday I got a notice from my gym that says they are reducing my monthly membership dues by $5 a month!

I know it's a small amount, but added up over the course of the year, it saves me $60. That could buy me a new running outfit, or could be put toward a new pair of running shoes!

Of course, it could also buy me two tanks of gas (sigh); that's probably where I'll end up spending my savings.


Firefly's Running said...

Isn't amazing that everything is getting more expensive?! It's horrible. It's hard to thrify in today's world. I used to pay only $20 for 15 gallons of gas in my tank - now it's over $42 - EEK!

Running Rabbit said...

Don't you wish you had a magic wound to make it all go away?!?!

neese said...

hi jess, your blog is very nice and clean, and i love blueberries too, i even like how the word sounds when i say it outloud, blueberry.

congrats on the gym fee reduction!

Erin said...

Did you read the article in the Sun Sentinel today about our electric bills? I almost died when I opened my last one. They nicely point out they aren't making any money off of the charge for fuel...which is over half the bill...sure...and we live in a fair land...

I would take the five dollars and send a giant thank you to your gym. It made me happy and I am not even a member!

Jess said...

I did read the Sun-Sentinel article about our rising electric costs. Thank god we bought that new air conditioner last December; otherwise, I bet our electric bill would be $500 a month. Last summer, with that old dinosaur of an air conditioner, we had bills of $300!