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Friday, July 21, 2006

Gettin' outta Dodge

I leave this afternoon for a weekend away with the girls. I'm traveling with a friend to the Tampa area. I've never been to that part of Florida and I hope it is every bit of splendor I expect it to be. We're planning on a kayak trip where we hope to interract with manatees and dolphins (and where I'm hoping to find one to take home), as well as a tour of some bars (for educational purposes), and some shopping (as a sociologic study). I think it will be fun to get out of town for the weekend and leave the husband and dog to their own vices (I have a mental image of the dog laying there comatose from the rawhide my husband will dispense like Pez in order to occupy Scooter so that he can concentrate on the video games and meatloaf).

I'll be back on Sunday -- ready to go for my long run to burn off the calorie-laden food and drink I will consume over the next 48 hours. Have a good weekend, and until then: Peace out!


Firefly's Running said...

Have fun!

Running Rabbit said...

OH!!! I love girls only trips! Have fun!!!!