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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Post Holiday Slump

Blogger seems to be running at the same speed I am today -- slow. After staying up late to watch fireworks last night, and being duly impressed by the neighbors who had to have hired a Hollywood pyrotechnician to conduct their display, and drinking many beers, and eating way too much food (especially can't get enough of the rhubarb cake!), I was slow to rise this morning. The dog was also tired this morning (he did far more running in an afternoon yesterday than I do in a week, but it's not that often that he gets to run wild in someone's backyard with six other dogs), and he didn't even get up when I left for work.

The husband got to sleep in a little longer today since he didn't have a classroom full of students waiting for him at work. Bastard.

My students had just about as much enthusiasm as I did this morning, and it certainly reaffirmed my belief that the day after the fourth should be the national holiday -- that's when we really need it! (Then, and on November 1st -- I need the day after Halloween off.) But since I took yesterday off of running, that means today is the day to hit the pavement and get back on track; it's not a holiday any longer.

I'll hold off on the run until this evening when the sun sets, and until then, I might need a little nappy nap.


Erin said...

It truly was a display of pure American wastefulness but I won't bawk at it-bring it on, blow up some more $! I will say ooohhhh, ahhhh, yeah...to each beautiful burst.

You are better than I at the back to workout thing. I decided tomorrow is the day to start at it again. Maybe I will have that one last piece of rhubarb cake in your honor!

Annette said...

I hear you about the day after holidays needing to be a holiday! :) Especially if you're teaching! (Fortunately, I teach middle school - and I don't have to deal with them in July!)

Firefly's Running said...

I had to go to school on the day BEFORE and AFTER the 4th. It was hard to get up this AM to do anything. I feel sorry for the teachers who have to work the next day.

Hope your run is good.

Nicole said...

Good luck on your run. Trust me you are much beter for partying than being lame like me who went to bed early so I could get up at 5 am for work so I'll vote for the national holiday as well.

teacherwoman said...

From a teacher's standpoint, I do agree with holidays the day after Halloween and the 4th...maybe Valentine's Day as well? Too much candy there...especially at the elementary level!