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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A World of Tug Boats

An article I read last night in "Time" reconfirmed my findings on the cruise: It's not just Americans who are struggling with obesity. True, Americans are becoming super-sized at an alarming rate, and that's why the FDA recently placed so much emphasis on the new food pyramid (or hexagon, really) and added daily exercise to it. However, I guess the rest of the world is struggling with the issue as well. It's not yet to the point where its scaring the bejesus out of everyone like AIDS or the Avian Flu, but obesity could fast become one of the number one health risks in the world!

And here I thought all this time that the problems of the world were really in the realm of not enough food (flip back a few issues in "Time" and the cover story was about poverty and famine), but it looks as though that's not the entire predicament.

I guess I personally will keep on running and I suppose I don't need a bowl of ice cream before bed (it's reduced fat though), but what can be done on a larger scale?

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