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Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Cardio

Shopping has got to count for some kind of exercise -- all that walking and hauling bags around the mall and out to your car (and I never remember where I park, so I usually do some extra walking). I went shopping this morning for the last of the Christmas stuff, but still didn't manage to finish. But the end is in sight, and I only have a few things left for my husband (feels as though I'm pretending using that word, but I'm not, because I'm married now!) and I know what I'm going to get him, I just didn't have the energy left to go to the necessary stores today.

Shopping wears me out, but I love the holidays. I love wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music and setting up the tree: It really is the most wonderful time of year! And I love, love, love watching "Christmas Vacation" -- "Little knot here" and "A Christmas Story" -- "You'll shoot your eye out!" and "Love, Actually" -- no quotable lines, but I can't get enough of Hugh Grant dancing and singing!

Of course, it is also the time of year to eat two cupcakes at work and to feel entitled to more than one soda a day and to help yourself to the new bag of chips -- it's all in the spirit of excess. Oh well, I love it! I bought the yummiest ingredients for holiday cupcakes, and I'm going to bake them next week for our Christmas party -- there will be little tree sprinkles and everything! Yippie!

(I notice I have excessively used the exclamation point here. However, I must defend the punctuation because it's the holidays, and like I said, it's a time for excess. And if you want an extra laugh about exclamation points, buy "Seinfeld" season five: Watch the episode where Elaine dumps her boyfriend over his reluctance to use an exclamation point.)

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psbowe said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Hang in there on your running...stumbled via running blog directory