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Monday, December 19, 2005

Sanding for Strength

Today is supposed to be my Strength and Stretch day on the training schedule, but I've returned to working on the house, and my little arms feel weak from sanding all afternoon. Some of you might remember that we bought a house last spring and have been in the process of remodeling since then. Well, with the wedding and the holidays and everything, we kinda stalled out on the project in November, but now that I have two weeks off for Christmas vacation, I have decided to resume work on the office -- where we left off. I'm particularly anxious to finish this room because that means I could unpack all my books and get my desk moved in there (right now my work station is in the living room), so I started again on the work today.

And boy are my arms tired.

I forgot how much work this house stuff is. After working so hard all summer, I didn't think it was possible to forget the pain, but the memory has returned full force, and sanding is the most dreaded job on my list. I think I even prefer the task of scraping off wallpaper. The thing about sanding is not just that it's tedious or that it is incredibly dirty (and you feel like your throat, ears and nose are coated in dust, thus the plaster boogers), but it's really about how tiring it is. The sander is not light (3 and a half pounds: yes, I weighed that fucker) and your arms get sore from the sanding action.

With the up and down of the stepladder added in (not to mention the boxes I hauled around this morning), I think I got my strength in by doing that and I can already feel how my arms will be weak and sore tomorrow. But I do still have the "stretch" aspect to fit in; perhaps I will go to a yoga class tonight. I don't know. I'm feeling awfully lazy now after the day of manual labor.


Liv said...

Honestly, sometimes work is the best "strength training" ever... it's doubly productive! Just plain ol' weight lifting in the gym can get sooo tedious, anyway.

Scooter said...

Just be careful - I have a neighbor whose kids have high lead levels from refinishes. The liquid/gel strippers don't make the lead as available and should be considered if there's a possibility. Of course, you don't get as much of a workout.