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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Wedding Pictures

Only a fraction of our wedding pictures are in, but I'm so excited about sharing them that I just have to post one, so here it is: Ta-da!

I hope your rightfully impressed.

This is one of the few I have right now that is just of me (new husband would like to remain anonymous and would not like to see his picture posted here) and it was taken moments before the actual ceremony. We just got these pictures and some others from the reception back today, and I've been excitedly thumbing through them. The formal shots with the parents and so forth won't arrive for another few weeks, but these have been enough to keep me busy.

After sorting those photos from the wedding, I spent the rest of the day organizing albums of pictures from our honeymoon, and actually managed to fill one album and half of another. But it took a long time since I was printing some from home and organizing others that we took with disposable cameras; I have the feeling that between wedding and honeymoon pictures, we will fill many albums and several picture frames. But it's so much fun!

So, no running for me today -- too busy with pictures. But I worked out hard yesterday (had another nose-pick sighting, but this one was more discreet; you know, the type of pick disguised as a scratch). Today is my day of rest anyway. The running will resume tomorrow as well as the picture sorting: As soon as I have more to share, I will post them.

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Liz said...

You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to get married all over again...at least do the wedding part! :)

Jut found your blog and I am enjoying it!