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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I don't actually like the treadmill that much: It gives me vertigo. There's something about running in place for forty-five minutes, and then coming to a stop. Suddenly I feel like I feel when I step off an elevator or an excalator. The world seems wobbly and out of proportion. I always step off that machine as if I just learned how to walk. Plus, I feel like I run so much faster ont here, but go so much slower. I think that has something to do with perception, but I can't be sure and part of me likes to think the treadmill is cheating me out of miles.

I would much prefer an indoor track, but alas, my gym does not have one. Perhaps soon, there's no telling when, the weather here will cool off and I'll be able to run outside more. That will feel like freedom!

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