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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Tropical Storm Katrina is bearing down on South Florida today and is expected to mke landfall either tonight or tomorrow morning is expected by then to be a low grade hurricane, maybe. The weather people can't ever really accurately predict a hurricane or a tropical storm, so you never know. However, it is forecast to directly hit our area, so even if it remains a tropical storm, there could still be flodding, broken tree branches, etc. So, we are all hunkered down, prepared for the storm. And by prepared, I mean we have junk food up the wazoo.

It seems that storms are the perfect excuse to load up on chips, cookies, candy bars, soda because it's all unparishable and will sustain us if there is a power outage. I think the last time there was a hurricane (last year about this time), I gained five pounds. Not just from the food, but because you're stuck inside for days at a time, so you're not getting any exercise. You're bored, so what do you do? You eat. After the storm has passed, you feel like a tug boat.

I just ate a chocolate chip laden granola bar in preparation for the oncoming tempest, and there's a whole box in there just calling to me, as well as the rest of the ice cream sandwichs (they could melt if the power goes out -- must save them!). Oh man, I suspect the next three or four days are going to set me back a peg in my progress.

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