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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spinnign Redux

Yesterday in spinning class, I had an idea that sparkled with its own genius. If they have classes with these stationary bikes where we simulate going up and down hills and we adjust speed and resistance according to the instructor; well then, why not do the same thing with a treadmill and running? You can change incline and speed on a treadmill in the same ways you can on a stationary bike, and with an instructor, you'd be motivated to vary the routine somewhat. You can jog, sprint, whatever for variety.

My god! Why don't I have my own think tank?

My guess is that actually some gym in New York or LA has already stolen my thought and put it into practice, but I felt very smart for thinking it on my own.

Sure I could do my own workout like that on the treadmill, but I could also do the same workout as a spinning class on my own, but lord knows, I wouldn't. Plus I like the fact that a class is a set 60 minutes because that forces me to go through with the workout for that length. Otherwise, after thirty, I'd be pooped and just call it a day.

So, about this class the other day. It was a different instructor and I learned that each instructor really does offer a unique class. This woman was much more about breaking up the time. We did a lot more sitting in her class (don't get me wrong, we still peddled like bats out of hell) and she varied the standing positions and the speeds: Sometimes we were on a "flat" part of the road and could peddle easily and sometimes we were racing up the side of a hill. The guy whose class I was in last time seemed to believe strictly in hills at full speed -- I nearly died.

This class, then, was a little more my level. And I was impressed with some of her music choices as well, and was espcially pleased with "Amber" by 311 for the cool down. I didn't really love some of the country she chose, mainly because I don't think country has a place in the workout repetoire, but overall I like the rock the chic picked out.

I think those spinning classes are helpful with running too -- they give me more endurance and help vary my cardio routine. Geez, I'm just such a super-duper workout girl!

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