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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Abs of Steel

Yesterday, I took a class at the gym that was all abs for thirty minutes. Nothing but crunch after crunch. Plus all this stuff with those big inflatable balls, which are harder to lift with your legs than you might imagine, and then other exercises with our legs up in the air and so forth: It was absolutely hard. So today, of course, my abs are totally sore. I coughed this morning in bed, and it hurt. And my neck is sore too, not good -- you're not supposed to pull with your neck, but I'm like a draft horse -- pull, pull!

This week is going to be the week of classes. I've decided. On Saturday, I'm running a 5k and while I have gone running this week, I'm trying to do some cross training so my running muscles aren't tired, or bored. The last time I ran a 5k was around six months ago -- it took me thirty-two minutes and I'm aiming to either match that, or hopefully, beat that time. Last week I ran 3.1 miles (5k distance) on the treadmill and it took me thirty-five minutes, but on Sunday I ran that outside and it took me thirty mintues flat. So we'll see what Saturday morning is like, for one thing I'll probably have a bit of an issue getting up at 6 am, but that's okay.

Anyhoo, like I mentioned, this week I've decided to be brave and test out some classes. Yesterday it was abs, today it's going to be spinning, or riding a stationary bike for those unfamiliar with gym lingo. That class isn't until this evening, but it's supposed to kick your ass -- I'll give a full report. Then I will probably break tomorrow because everyone tells me that you should take the day off after your first spinning class; we'll see, what could be so hard about it? And then Friday, I plan on taking this class that's called "Resist-A-Ball"; obviously all work with those big inflatable balls that are all the rage. The personal trainer I met with last week, told me it's one of the best classes because it's all about "core" training.

Everyone's talking about the "core" lately in fitness magazines and in exercise books. Apparently, we're not psyched-out enough about how our abs look, but now it's been decided that they are the most important muscle group in the body. Basically it stems from the Pilates craze, which is now subsiding, that boasts that the core muscles (in your stomach and back) are the most important muscles because they ground and center all other muscles, so your stength at your "core" determines your strength all around. True? I have no idea. It sounds like good, sound logic, but who am I?

But I'm crazy to have good looking abs, so I'll take what measures I can. But that ball is kind of tricky; it requires all this balance, which is part of what it's supposed to develop, and balance is not one of my key features. I'm always sliding off or slipping to the side. But hey, if it can help cut me like an underwear model, I'm all for it.

Ouch! I just sneezed and it hurt! Damn core!

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