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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cancer in a Can

Every once in awhile I get these forwarded emails from friends about the dangers of diet soda. One of them relays the story of a young woman who one day can't stand up and has lost all use of her limbs. The doctors think at first that she has MS or some other terrible degenerative disease, but no, it turns out it's just the side effects of her diet soda consumption.

What a bunch of boohocky.

I love diet soda. Well, I used to love regular soda, but because of the high sugar content and calorie count, I made the switch about a year ago to the diet stuff. I need that caffeine. I've never been much for coffee (especially after one time last year when I made some myself and I made it so strong that I threw up and felt jittery and caffeinated for a week), so I need to either get my daily boost from a can of Diet Pepsi or from a hit of speed: Which seems like the lesser evil?

True, there were some studies two decades ago that said that diet soda caused cancer in rats, but I refuse to believe that I have the same biology as a rat. I also think that I'm far more likely to die in a shark attack or from a bolt of lightening than I am from aspartame tumors. Maybe if I drank it by the gallon I'd be in for trouble, but I have one a day, sometimes two. Otherwise, I drink water, milk and tea. That's not so bad. But I guess everyone can laugh and point if I do end up in the hospital without the use of my limbs: I give you all permission to sing "I told you so!"

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Erin said...

Since you live in Florida, you have a greater chance of being struck by lightening twice in your lifetime than cancer!