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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Spinning Class: Priceless

Number of minutes in a spinning class at my gym: 60

How many minutes it truly feels like: 1, 265

Amount of time I thought you sat in your bike's seat: The full hour

Amount of time you actually sit in your seat: About two minutes

Approximate level of difficulty of class on a scale of 1-10: 20

Sweat lost (in gallons): 2-3: It looked like I spilled my water bottle on the bike and on the floor

Point at which I thought the class was almost over because I was near death: 30 minute mark

Numberof old people who never sat back on their bike to peddle softly and take a breather: 10

Number of old people who know the words to Usher's "Yeah" and can sing it: 10

Number of old people in that class it would take to kick my ass: 1 (they're in freakishly good shape!)

What my legs felt like when the class was finished: A new born calf's

What my legs feel like today: An old cow's

Number of years class took off my life: 12

Would I take the class again? "Yeah!"

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