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Friday, May 08, 2009

Shopping, A Massage and Smoothies

Last night, after Jerry pointed out that I had pie on my t-shirt (sexy, right?), I went to change my shirt, and what I discovered shouldn't have been a newfound thing: I have very few t-shirts that work for just laying around the house. I had been relying on a stash of tees that were a bit oversized pre-pregnancy, but now those tees are fitting me pretty snug. True, I have a few maternity tank tops, as well as a supply of sweatpants, but I decided I needed to go shop for a few more maternity items. Particularly, I wanted some loungewear/sleepwear.

So, this afternoon, I went and got 4 new t-shirts, 2 pairs of pajama shorts, 2 sleeping bras (those sweater puppies need to be corraled even in my sleep now), and a new swimsuit. I feel like I spent a lot (shouldn't maternity clothes be discounted since you only wear them a few months?), but I can rest assured that the clothing was necessary, and it is always fun to get a few new things for me.

After shopping, I headed to my massage appointment this afternoon.

See, Jerry had bought me a gift card for...Valentine's Day...and, um, yeah, I hadn't gotten around to scheduling an appointment until now. But the massage was wonderful. Since I'm preggo, and unable to lay on my tummy anymore, the therapist had me lay on my side for half the massage, and then I flipped on to my other side for the other half of the massage. I hear that there are some massage places that have special tables for preggos where there's a hole cutout for the belly, but this place did not have such special tables.

I enjoyed the massage though -- it was very relaxing and felt especially good on my back and legs.

When I got home from my shopping and massage, I was hungry for a snack, so I decided to make myself a smoothie. I don't know what it is about smoothies lately, but I have been a smoothie makin' machine! And it seems that I have at least one every day for a snack. This one that I made for myself this afternoon has been a particular favorite as of late:
The ingredients are as follows, but I don't measure stuff, so no measurements, sorry:

frozen mixed berries
Stonyfield Farms organic yogurt
skim milk
a touch of honey

I've been trying to incorporate spinach and other leafy greens into my diet everyday since they are high in iron and folic acid, both necessary for my growing baby girl, and I find that by using frozen fruit instead of ice, I get the added benefits of both flavor and vitamins. I also add the yogurt and milk for added calories, taste, and calcium, and lastly, the honey is just to add that extra bit of sweetness. It's a delicious shake, but I will warn: the side effect is green poop. So green, it's almost black. Yeah. Weird how something so pretty going in can come out looking so gross, right?

Okay, enough poop talk.

My last tidbit of the day? Buy Buy Baby called and Norah's furniture has arrived! So, when Jerry gets home from work, we'll go and pick it up! I'm so excited for it, so hopefully I can get some pictures of it this weekend once it's assembled and arranged.


Kristen said...

Your smoothie looks really good! I have been a little weary of the "green" smoothies because of the taste but yours looks really fruity tasting. I laughed out loud at the side effects!:)

Glad you got to enjoy and massage and go shopping and that is so exciting the furniture is here! Can't wait to see it.

Heather said...

What a fun day! You'll have to post pics of the baby's room all decked out with the new furniture. So exciting.

Jamoosh said...

Hello - what kind of pie? Sexiness is totally related to pie type.

Pecan pie - "I think there's a booger on your shirt" (not so much)
Apple pie - "Hmmmm" (getting warmer)
Cherry pie - How you doin' (that's the ticket)

Anonymous said...

Your smoothie looks excellent! Have a fun day getting furniture all set up...how exciting!

kristen said...

Your smoothie looks way prettier than mine do. My look the same going down as coming out. I should add more fruit I guess.

Anonymous said...

I made one recently with spinach and chocolate soy milk. Talk about poopy colored! It tasted good though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I read your post wrong when I just commented. My smoothie actually was poop colored in the glass.

Okay, sorry about the poop comments. I'll stop now!

Wes said...

This just proves that pregnancy is an excuse to for women to go shopping...

Marlene said...

There's spinach in there?? Can you taste it? I should really try that... although I'm not so sure about the green/black poop.

Glad to hear you enjoyed a nice massage.

kelsalynn said...

I drink a smoothie practically every morning- frozen fruit is a must, but I haven't tried spinach before. We also add peanut butter (just not a lot) b/c a little bit of fat in the morning is good for your brain--- ooh, see, there's YOUR tidbit for the day! :)

Marci said...

I need to try one of these spinach smobothies. That looks great!

AKA Alice said...

Yum about the smoothie...I've also added frozen broccoli to a smoothie (you gotta have a pretty heavy duty food processor or blender)...couldn't taste it at all...and I don't remember any green poop, but that could be just me.

OK...one other thing. When I was preggers, I would go to the beach, dig a hole where I wanted to put my tummy and lie on stomach for awhile...absolute heaven! I'd forgotten about that until you mentioned the massage table.

Yay for new clothes...no matter what the reason!

X-Country2 said...

I make a similar smoothie, and yes, it screws with your poo. (Mine is spinach, mixed berries, banana, oj, aqai berry juice, skim milk, and some ice. YUM!)