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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rainy Run

So, the reason it's been so humid lately is probably because this big-ass thunderstorm moved into the area today, and we've been getting bucketloads of rain all afternoon. At 4:30, I figured it looked pretty calm out, so I put on the running duds and headed outside. Within minutes, it started to drizzle on me.

Not so bad. I don't mind running in a drizzle; it keeps me cool.

But then after mile 2, the sky opened up and poured. Big, fat drops of rain in sheets. Thankfully, my plan was only a 3 miler because I was soaked and to go any further would've been uncomfortable.

You'd think the rain would have prompted me to move my ass, but this week I seem to be suffering from a condition known simply as "drag-ass" (yes, that is the technical term), which means that no matter what, I can't seem to pick up the pace.

1: 9:20
2: 9:40
3: 9:36

Total Time: 28:39

Well, it's not bad, it just hasn't felt fast at all this week.

So...because I can't figure out how to upload a YouTube video on Blogger, you guys should go there yourselves and look up the trailer for the upcoming movie "Run Fatboy Run"! I saw the preview for the first time last night and I gotta say, it looks awesome! It combines two of my favorite things: British comedy (stars "Shaun of the Dead" frontman Simon Pegg) and running (in it, the main character resolves to run the London marathon in order to prove his love). Anyhoo, go look it up. I command it. And if you have a moment, also tell me how to upload YouTube videos on here.


ws said...

I strenuously object to YouTube, probably similar to your husband's objections to "i" anything, therefore I can't help. I can confirm that it has been raining in my neck of the woods since midday, too.

keith said...

in the youtube viewing window there should be some html code next to the word: embed.

copy that code and paste it into your html editor in blogger et voila.

youtube goodness alll day long.

Doug said...

That movie looks AMAZING. I'll definitely be seeing that one!

"Please, keep your hands out of the scrotal zone."

Anonymous said...

The movie looks like it would be fun to watch. I hadn't heard of it before, but will now keep an eye out for it. Way to beat the elements today.

AnthonyP said...

Nicely done. The rain is heading our way.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO That movie looks pretty sweet. I actually LOL-ed and that's pretty darn good for me especially if it's only a trailer.

Firefly's Running said...

I saw a poster for that movie on my way home. Both Josh and I want to see the preview that movie.

Great job on the run!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job for running in the rain. I'd surely melt, and therefore would need to stay inside. ;)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Did you have little shuffle on in the rain? I've only had mine succumb to rain once and that was a torrential downpour. He dried out eventually and was fine.

I hope your condition improves :D although it doesn't look that draggy to me, but I know you have been speedy lately.

chia said...

I'm so bummed, Run Fatboy Run was released the last week I was in the UK and could have seen it last October :-(. Can't wait to catch it- looks hilarious. Have you seen Hot Fuzz?