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Friday, March 28, 2008

Miscellany and 6 Words

First of all, I need to wish my friend Ryan a belated happy b-day. His birthday was yesterday, and even though he's now a little older, and thus a little weaker and slower, he was still up for his share of beers last night. He needs to consume as many as he can now since soon he'll be a new dad, and from what I'm told, new dads consume more coffee than beer.

Because Jerry and I joined Ryan and Erin for a few drinks last night, I skipped my run. Eh. I really needed those few beers. They were delightful.

Tonight, I have to get the last of my shit together for Erin's baby shower tomorrow. It's not a lot to do; it's just that I still only have a vague idea of what I'm doing, so I kinda feel like I'm feeling around in the dark. I've never thrown a baby shower before, and let's face it, I'm not really the type who revels in this sort of baby shiz, but I think I'll pull it off. Plus, I bought plenty of wine in a box (it's actually more excellent than it sounds), so if anything is crap, I'll be too drunk to notice or care. Sorry, Erin, if it sucks, you'll have to just be happy with the sparkling juice I bought.

Soooo...one last thing for today before I depart to teach my class and enlighten all those engaged young minds (as you can tell, I slipped from anger straight into lunacy this week): Marcy tagged me to do the whole "6 Word Memoir" business. And I really did labor over it. See I wanted to capture the "essence of Jess" in my 6 words, and that's hard to do, because frankly, I'm the shit and that only requires a 3 word statement, so to create something longer was really difficult. In the end, I couldn't decide on one statement that seemed to sum up my life so far, so I figured, hey, why not put it to a vote?

Here are the contenders:

1. "Drained the keg. Ready for refill."

2. "Fucked up frequently. Have no regrets."

3. "Jerry. Scooter. Run. Teach. Eat. Drink."

4. "Tried to be good. But failed."

5. "Aimed for perfection. Got close enough."

6. "Comma splices make me wanna cry."

7. "My mistakes have been my successes."

Consider them, consider what you know of me, and let me know which statement you think is best. And the majority's choice will be my "6 Word Memoir." After you vote, you can consider yourself tagged to do the same exercise. Best of luck!


RunnerGirl said...

These are my top three choices, I love them all and can't decide between them!

1. "Drained the keg. Ready for refill."

3. "Jerry. Scooter. Run. Teach. Eat. Drink."

7. "My mistakes have been my successes."

Doug said...

I'm going to go with "Fucked up frequently. Have no regrets."

Sure, its the most vulgar of the bunch but it makes up for it in alliteration (see, Computer Scientists still remember some of that crap. I mean knowledge).

It also reminds me of something my AP English teacher used to say, and stuck with me: "Don't should all over yourself. Live life without regrets."

Brianna said...

Ooooh - I like #7 best! But the others made me laugh. Guess I have to get to brainstorming myself now.

L*I*S*A said...

I like #5 and #7. Hell, they're all good.

SLB said...

I like number 3, it's more encompassing, and I think the order is very telling.

AnthonyP said...

First, happy belated b-day to Ryan.

Ok, so, I only know you from your blog, but, I would vote for a combo of #1 and #2, something like :

"Fucked up...keg drained...refill asap ! "

Kinda like someone stranded on an island leaving a note. :)

P.O.M. said...

I like #5 - aimed for perfection.
Then again, Fucked up freqently is good too.

Have a great weekend :)

Sarah said...

Without a doubt:
2. "Fucked up frequently. Have no regrets."

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and I think that you are so funny! I liked #3.

chia said...

Numero dos has my vote but they all pretty much cracked me up. So uber hakuna matata :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

HA HA - very clever. You worked hard on these and all of them are Jess, but I think 3 is the most Jess.

J~Mom said...

I am going with this one..it's who you are to me...

3. "Jerry. Scooter. Run. Teach. Eat. Drink."

I think though I would replace eat with drink. So it would be:

3. "Jerry. Scooter. Run. Teach. Drink. Drink."

Mary Gee said...

I choose #3.

})i({ RunnerGirl said...

Hey chica! I am in West Palm/Del Ray/Miami this week - wow is it BEEEUUUUTIFUL!

ws said...

I think I like 2, 5 and 6... I'm still working on my six words and I keep forgetting.

Hope you have fun at your baby shower - I always expect you'd really, really love all this baby shiz...or not.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO!! I like #4 and #7. Sweetness!

Crystal said...

I am liking #5 myself. Has a nice ring to it.

Great job hosting the baby shower. It was lots of fun!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Don't know how well this sums up YOUR life, but it's priceless for mine!!

"Aimed for perfection. Got close enough"

sRod said...

I vote for #7 even though it does sound a little inspirational posterish.

Viv said...

They are all great,I hope the shower went great.
Oops I think I just made you cringe :-)

They were all great, Jess!!
If anyone can do a fantastic 6 word life sum up it would be you.

Mendy said...

I know I'm a bit late, but I like #3 the best!

I forgot what comma splices were so had to look it up "and" I now know that I do that all the freakin' time. I bet it drives you crazy to read my blog. :-)

Notice my "and"... ?

Those are great Jess!