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Monday, August 06, 2012

Running is Fun

Some of you may have already seen this pic floating about the interweb, but it's something I'm reminded of almost everyday. 

By this kid in particular:

But this one sees the fun his sister is having running around, and he looks pretty stoked to get his own little legs moving at those speeds:

I don't know why we lose that joy as we get older (if only that kid juice could be squeezed out of them and made into an energy drink, right?), but when I look at these two, I'm reminded how lucky I am to get the chance each day to reap the same joy.

6 miles today: The 45 mile week is off to its solid start!


Erin said...

Sometimes I wish your blog had a like button like FB. It would make life so much easier.

I love watching the munchkins run. Mason's working up to it. Caleb better be prepared because once Mason's running, he won't be able to stop that fat body's forward motion. He will plow him over if he can catch him. Caleb, stay quick and nimble!

Oh, and my word verification: 22 milesus. I just thought the miles part was appropriate.

Carolina John said...

Nice. We get to relive all kinds of joy from our kids. Getting to see one of them start to chase the other one is really special. Wait until the real jealousy starts!

Erika . . . with a K said...

Yes - Running is awesome! I love it. My kids love it too. My daughter (7) doesn't seem to know how to walk, she runs EVERYWHERE. My son (8 months) wants to run everwhere... he's mentally ready to run but still not quite phsyically!

TNTcoach Ken said...

LOL, one word 'automobile'........

Nobel4Lit said...

I think it's all those years of running used as punishment in PE and stuff that took the fun out of it. That and the pressure of competing in track in middle and high school... and now because it feels like we "must" do it to stay in shape. Must remind myself to reinforce whatever kids I have that running is da bomb.