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Thursday, August 09, 2012

7 Miler, aka "Sweatfest 2012"

Today, I am enjoying a rare opportunity: The kids are at school and I am not!  Glorious.  Simply glorious.

So, I wanted to get the day started on the right foot -- pun, totally intended -- by getting my day's run done.  Going in to it, I wasn't feeling it.  I don't know if it's the season (so dang hot out!), the streak (day #40 today), my current efforts with building mileage, or hormones, or a combo thereof, but I just felt like I was dragging myself out there.

I bargained with myself that instead of doing the 7 I'd planned, I could just do 3-4 and make today a "rest" day, but I had to get out and do something.  Thankfully, as is almost always the case, even when I'm tired, a mile or 2 into the run, I felt good and I knew I could go forth and do the full 7 I had planned.

But, lordy, it wasn't without effort.  It was so frickin' hot out there and SO effing humid that I just slogged through the run.  Or, swam.  Whatev.  There was no breeze and the air was THICK. 

I took it uber-slow and just ran through that sauna for 7 miles.

When I got home, I was absolutely soaked in sweat.  SOAKED.  Sports bra?  Soaked.  Shorts?  Dripping.  Socks and shoes?  Squishing.

Shark farts!  It. was. gross.

However, the great part of this story returns to what I started with: No kids at home!  So after a cool shower, I turned on the fan in the bedroom and laid down for 30 minutes -- relishing the cool and the quiet of being able to relax and recover from a run in this way.

Now, I'm off for the day's true reward: A day-date with Jerry!  We have some errands to run, and then we're going out to lunch and then we're going to see "Batman"! 


James said...

my 6 miler last night was like that. hot and humid, I took it slow and steady, and got there eventually.

"Shark farts" :)

Erin said...

I can only imagine because I think my 2 mile route is a killer so far. I am amazed how I can soak through a normal semi-padded bra, a sports bra, my tank, undies, and shorts. The only thing that doesn't seem to sweat or get drenched in it are my feet.

Great job on getting it done. Day-dates are the best! Enjoy the movie.

Alice said...

I love day dates! I went rock climbing and out for brunch with my husband another day and it was just lovely! :)

You have inspired me to schedule another one soon.

TNTcoach Ken said...

The seasons have changed???? Forty days, you and Noah!

Jess Milcetich said...

I hear you about the heat and humidity. It's been awful in DC lately. I'm majorly struggling through my runs and I always finish drenched in sweat. Hope you and Jerry enjoyed Batman!

runner26 said...

excellent!! it's funny how rare it is to just chill after a run. as soon as you get back, something child-care related needs to be done. stat.

glad you got some time to yourself! and great job getting the 7 miler in, despite the weather!