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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keepin' the Streak Alive

Tuesday night, I went to bed feeling fine, but around 4 am Wednesday morning, I woke feeling nauseous.  I spent the next few hours in the bathroom -- it was both pukey and poopy.  Thankfully, Jerry was able to take the morning off work to be with the kids while I loaded up on Immodium and Advil and got some extra sleep.

Around 10 am, I declared that I felt "good enough" and he could go to work.  He promised to be home early, and what followed were, quite possibly, the longest 6 hours of my life.

I tried my best to muster what little energy I had for the kids, but mostly I just laid around and let them bounce on my head.  Nap time helped, but it was still a challenging day.

But, all day long the one question that kept circling through my brain was: To run or not to run?

At times, I felt okay and I figured I could do it.  1 mile, that's all I had to do to keep the streak, and as I said, at times, I felt like I would be able to do that.  Other times, when I lay splayed out on the floor while the kids ran around me like wild banshees, I thought: No way, it's not gonna happen; I'll barf my guts out and die.

Eventually, I ate a little something for dinner and that helped.  Then, Caleb went to bed and I had my decision to make -- run or not.

I ran.

I eeked out just a wee bit more than the bare minimum: 1.15 miles and it took me 12:24 to do so.  But I did it, and I didn't barf and I didn't die.

Streak: Still on!

Afterwards, I showered and then promptly went to bed.  It was 7 pm.

This morning, after nearly 12 solid hours of sleep, I feel fine.  Whatever I had seems to have run its course, and today is my last day "off."  So, first thing, I got out for my run.  I was tempted to try and go long to make up for some of yesterday's "lost" miles, but in the end, I decided it was probably wise to just keep it short.  I barely ate anything yesterday, and the after-effects of being sick always leaves me somewhat fatigued; probably best not to push myself too much.

So I did a 3 miler -- slow and easy -- and I have simply resigned myself to the fact that this week's mileage is not going to be what I had hoped it would: Even after Tuesday's epic mileage.

That's okay.  Sick happens, and for me, it seems to happen all too often -- I seem to pick up stomach bugs every few months.  I guess my immune system is less like Chuck Norris and more like Urkel. 


Carolina John said...

Yea sick happens. Don't push it too hard out there, but congrats on keeping the streak alive! Amazing what 12 hours of sleep will do.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Puke and poop, I love these posts! Good luck with keeping it going....

Jason & Larissa said...

I don't know how true this is BUT I have heard that if you drink a cup of grape juice (like the real full strength no concentrate or white allowed) everyday that is will ward off any tummy bugs. I read a blog once that the girl claimed to have not had a tummy bug in her family in 4 years (and she had small kids!) I've not tried it but if you are prone to the tummy bug it might be worth your while!

Ryan said...

We appreciate letting your husband go back to work. He actually did something, and by something, I mean he won't have to do so much research on fantasy football this weekend.