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Friday, August 10, 2012

Norah's 3rd Birthday

Today, we started Norah's birthday off with a visit to the doctor for her 3 year old check up.  She impressed us all by being really good: No crying, no fussing, no squirming, no whining, nuthin but goodness.  It was a moment to make a parent proud.  If only all our parenting moments could be like that!

After the dr. appointment, we went to the park for some water and playground fun.  Norah ran around like a crazy person:

And, she was super happy to have her dad take the day off so he could assist on all the play equipment mom is too short for.  But, seriously, that is for kids like twice (or 3X) her age.  This girl know NO fear.

After the park, we had lunch and then we all took a nice long nap -- birthday gift for Mom and Dad! -- and after nap, it was present time!  She got some good loot!

We played with her birthday gifts for the rest fo the afternoon/early evening and then it was dinner time.  Her request: What else?  Mussels!

Caleb gave 'em a go too and they were Caleb-approved: He loved them!  We have the weirdest kids.

After dinner, we had the birthday cupcakes, and the moment Norah had truly been waiting for: The singing of "Happy Birthday" and her chance to blow out a candle.

Caleb loved those too (and, goodness, I hate how the flash makes that ball of light off the wall!  maybe if I knew more about how my camera works, I could fix that...hmmmm...that would take time, wouldn't it?) as is demonstrated by his frosting goatee:

And, here's the birthday girl enjoy hers:  Frosting only, please!

It was a fun family birthday, but what Norah is REALLY excited for is her birthday party on Sunday (it's a bit confusing for kids her age to have her b-day one day and the party another).  She's having a pool party with all of her friends, and it's shaping up to be EPIC! 

For now, she crashed out in true birthday style: She told us in her best whiny 3 year old voice that she was NOT tired!  Then, she was asleep about 5 minutes later.

As for me, I ran 6 miles tonight fully fueld by the frosting on those cupcakes...wowza...that's a lot of sugar to process!  I'm pretty sure that by eating just one, I narrowly avoided diabetes.


ajh said...

Ahhh. Happy Birthday to Norah! Love that she loves and wanted mussels. How unique!

Lee said...

Mussels are delicious. Your kids have good taste in food.

Happy Birthday to Norah!

PS - I had refresh the commenting captcha 4 times before I could read what it said!

This American Wife said...

I used to request salmon for my birthday dinner when I was little (not quite 3, but certainly my 5th birthday)! Aren't kids funny?!