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Sunday, August 05, 2012

And 4 Makes 40

Because I ran 6 days of 6 milers, all I had to do today was a 4 miler, and good thing too because I wasn't feeling much like running.

Sundays are always a struggle for me to want to run.  For some reason, I often want to skip Sunday and just do nuthin'.  But, that's the lovely thing about a streak: There is no rest.  And, for me, that's part of the appeal of streaking -- once I get into the groove of it, I don't want to stop.

Anyway, I got my 4 miler done: It wasn't the best run of the week, but halfway through, I started to enjoy it, and as always, when I finished, I felt good.

So, 40 miles are in the books for the week.

Now, on to this week's mileage challenge: 45 miles!


runner26 said...

ah-mazing!! congrats on some awesome mileage! i ran only half of that. my challenge with the weekends is that i want to spend time as a family and i always feel like i'm missing out on that when i run. any words of advice? (it's not that i don't want to run, i just want to do it all and there is never enough time..)

go get that 45!!

Lee said...

You ran 40 miles this week? That is amazing! I don't even do that when I am training for a half-marathon!

James said...

Nice. Keep it up!

Lisa said...

Wow! Good job.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, you almost had me thinking another streak, then I remembered how much I enjoy my rest days...... LOL, great job!