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Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Back!

We got home this evening from our long weekend in MN. Overall, the trip was good, and we had a wonderful time seeing so much of our family, but the weekend was also challenging and stressful, so I'm happy to be home!

Also, I did manage to get all my running in, so the streak lives on!
More on everything in upcoming posts. For now, I'm pooped and SO ready to go to bed. But, to tide you over a bit, here's a picture of Norah entertaining herself during our layover in Atlanta: Apparently, it's all kinds of good fun to dump out the contents of Mom's purse!


Erin said...

Welcome back! Norah looks awfully cute and cool traveling.

I think Scooter missed you guys. He was extra antsy in the new house and full of barks. He got plenty of snuggle time in with me on the couch (don't tell Ryan) and hugs from Miller. Only one puke and it was on the tile in the kitchen/cardboard we had in there.

Glad you kept the streak alive and are back.

Charbelle said...

Welcome home!! I am so so so amazed and in awe that you kept the streak going, lady you ROCK!!!
The picture of Norah, too cute, just too cute!!!

Heather said...

Glad you made it home safely. Great picture of Norah - she looks so big in that picture. :)

Oz Runner said...

it's always good to come back home...nice job keeping the streak alive....

Anonymous said...

Norah has great taste in wallets!
Welcome back! Now go sleep!