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Saturday, August 09, 2008

8 on the 8th

Well...8 on the 9th. Technically.

So, I did my 8 miler in honor of 08/08/08 and the start of the Olympic games; I just did it a day late. It went pretty well, especially considering the fact that I haven't run 8 miles since probably mid-May so I'm out of practice for anything longer than 5-6 miles. Unfortunately, my iPod's battery died at mile 3 (that's the one thing I really dislike about the Shuffle -- it gives no warning or indication that the battery is low and then, bam, it's dead), so I had to run the other 5 miles with just me and my thoughts. Scary. But I suppose it's good practice for the Army Ten Miler since they strictly prohibit any use of headphones.

Anyhoo, splits lined up like so:

1: 9:53
2: 9:53
3: 9:55
4: 10:14
5: 10:22
6: 10:24
7: 10:23
8: 10:01

Total Time: 1:21:07

I blame the slowing time on the loss of the iPod at mile 3. Note how the times support this theory.


Ted said...

Oh yikes! The hangover. I hate it! I tend to drink a lot of water before I hit the sack. It helps! I am glad you were feeling better this morning and you actually went out to do the 8 miles. Kudos !!! Hat off to you for doing it. Every Olympians in China are mighty proud of your action today.

Christie said...

The hardest thing about a long run is finding something to do with your mind for all that time. Congrats on finishing, especially with no music!

chia said...

iPod free is not an option in this household. Oye. Better woman than I ;-)

Fantastic times!!!

MCM Mama said...

Nicely done! I didn't make it out today, so I'll be doing my 8 on the 10th.

I never run with music, but I had no trouble finding entertainment at the Army 10 miler. There were a lot of people to watch and a ton of fan support. Once you get past the initial gridlock of the start, it's a nice race.

Firefly's Running said...

Nice splits!

MN Mom said...

You should have sang in your head!

Mendy said...

I feel the same. I need my music to get me through the runs, especially the long ones. You did great with 8 on the 8th. :-)

Lily on the Road said...

Good job, I've never ever run with music....interesting seeing the times. LOL

Glad you're feeling better!

Jenn N Butter said...

I go faster with music too.


Wes said...

If you say so, that's good enough. We don't need no stinkin scientific evidence :-)

Running Knitter said...

Awesome numbers! I think you should get bonus points for running without the ipod.

Amy said...

Good job on finishing with no music - I don't know how I could have managed all by myself without that!

runner26 said...

Bummer about the ipod. It was still a great run--and your last mile was almost as fast as your third ;)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Yeah for going longer and for running with your pals. Thanks for joining us, Jess.

sRod said...

Yeah, no music makes for a bummer run. Although I do periodically run without music just so that I don't get tried of hearing the same songs over and over.

And there is a warming light on the shuffle (at least the new one). But, of course, you have to be looking at it to know it's blinking--and I never look at that bugger.