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Friday, May 02, 2008


This evening, I got out for a 3 miler, and it felt pretty good.

1: 9:03
2: 9:21
3: 9:23

Total Time: 27:48

I'm still kinda congested, and while the running helps to clear up the nasal passages (can anyone say "snot rocket"?), I can also tell a difference in lung capacity. Feels like my breathing is more labored, so I hope that improves some before Sunday.

Now, my belly is full of delicious pasta, and I think I'm gonna chill for the evening -- pretty relaxed Friday around the Jess and Jer household tonight.


David said...

This time of year it's dangerous to be behind me if I'm working hard on the bike or on a run. Snot rockets, galore!

Kick back and have a great evening. Finals are over, right? Fo shizzy, J-fizzy.

Or something like that. I'm from the suburbs.

Viv said...

At least you got some gunk out. Hope the weekend gets you back to to 100% capicity.
Enjoy the weekend!

Mary Christine said...

Snot rockets for sure. You still sound fab-u-lous!

AnthonyP said...

very nice run. I'm pretty gross too in the snot rocket category. It is funny, sometimes I forget where I am and am so used to doing it when I run that I often have to stop myself in normal situations from doing it.

Marcy said...

I dunno David, I kind of like Funkmaster J or DJ J Supreme.

What? No keggers tonight? ;-) Beers and snot rockets. What a great combo LOL

sRod said...

Yup, I definitely got a "That's disgusting!" when I spat on the road last weekend. Obviously that chickie wasn't a runner. If she was a runner, she would have been grateful that it wasn't a snot rocket...and that it didn't land on her.