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Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am finding myself without much to say this week. Maybe it's because I haven't been running since the half on Sunday, or maybe it's because I haven't done one iota of exercise since the half on Sunday. So...um...yeah...Wanna hear about my day?

I had class this morning, and got done around noon. Then, I came home, had lunch, and played with Scooter (he needs at least 10-15 minutes of concentrated playing after one of us gets home, so I usually throw toys back and forth across the house for him, then he gets tired and lays down for awhile). I popped in a DVD of "Friends" (for some reason, I've never been much of a fan of the 10th season, so I watched a disc from that season because I haven't seen those episodes a thousand times, and really, it's a funny season -- don't know why I'm biased against it), and gave myself a pedicure.

Then, I lay on the couch with my book ("The Memory Keeper's Daughter" -- good) and fell asleep. Woke up when Jerry came home from work. Then, we went to dinner, but made a quick stop at the puppy store first. We just like to pop in and look at the pups, and they did have an adorable Beagle there, but we can't have another dog and even if we could, I wouldn't buy one from a puppy store. Personally, if I buy another dog, I will buy from a breeder.

Anyway, we went to dinner, had some BBQ ribs and a few beers (although, I didn't get a full beer since Jerry spilled part of my first one; I call sabotage, but he swears it was an accident). Then we came home and watched "Michael Clayton" and did some family cuddling on the couch -- Jerry cuddling me, me cuddling Scooter, and Scooter cuddling his stuffed monkey, named "Kong." The movie was very good. Two thumbs up.

Now, I think I'll read some more and go to bed. I am sooooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Maybe I'll run tomorrow, or at least do some yoga or something, so I feel as though I have something worthwhile to report. Because honestly? This post was lame.


*aron* said...

ohhh that sounds like a great day to me :)

ws said...

and now you know why I don't post much.

isn't it bizarre how the dog can be so enthusiastic about fetching and then suddenly stop? I find it odd.

sRod said...

Funny that you just casually stopped by the puppy store even though you already have a dog--a trip like that would be torture for me and wifey (we can't have dogs in our building).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice day to me! How cute is it that Scooter cuddles with his monkey, dogs are the best. Have a great weekend.

Marcy said...

You better get to boozing! :P LOL JK! It actually sounded like a very nice day :-)

Erin said...

That sounds like an excellent day to me! Haven't you already read that book? I don't recall the last time I reread a book. Must have been in elementary school.

Sleeping in is a wonderful thing. I am working from home (yesterday and today) and I went back to sleep for an extra hour. It's glorious!

L*I*S*A said...

I love getting extra sleep. Enjoy!

Viv said...

Sopunds like my kinda day! You had me at pedi, ribs and beer.
I see you know have completed the Oscar worty films of 2008. LOL!

Kevin said...

Ahh the lazy days of summer. Have a great relaxing weekend

Wes said...

I got three of my dogs from breeders. We bought the last one from the puppy shop after we felt sorry for it being there for five months. That's so sad. We thought we would have all kinds of problems with her (besides medical issues, like cancer and 3K back surgery ;-), but she fell right into the pack and did great.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Let's see. I'm jealous of:

the cuddling
time to read
the beers
the sleeping in

If I didn't like you I would hate you. :D

Running Knitter said...

That's a perfect day for me. I'm currently reading Memory Keeper's Daughter as well, and it is really good.

keith said...

strangely captivating in it's...lameness.

like a Van Gogh painting of the potato peelers.

J~Mom said...

I just read that book a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed it!