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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Highs and Lows

The Good: Left work a little early this afternoon.

The Bad: In order to clean the house. The guest toilet was getting, rather, um, moldy.

The Good: I turned on the Christmas music while I cleaned, and while mopping the kitchen floor is never my idea of a good time, it is an experience that is improved with "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree."

The Bad: After cleaning the house, I went to the grocery store. Blech. I hate grocery shopping, and it always makes me hate other people -- like the guy who cut in front of me at the deli counter or the lady in the parking lot who sat for FOREVER to wait for a parking space (I went around her, parked, and was in the store while she was still waiting for that damn space -- some people are mental).

The Good: I weighed myself at the grocery store (I know, it's a sick thing to do, but I can't restrain myself) and I was a pound lighter: 117. Huh. Guess I'm doing well at the "holiday weight loss challenge."

The Bad: I forgot to buy salad dressing and I left my other dressing at our friend's house on Thanksgiving. Dangit.

The Good: Thankfully, balsamic vinaigrette is easy to make when you have both oil and balsamic vinegar. Viola! Salad dressing.

The Bad: It's been raining off and on all evening here, so I didn't get a run in -- me no likey to run in the rain.

The Good: I did 30 minutes of yoga instead and 10 minutes of ab work. Thus, I'm feeling good and stretched out and very ab-y.

The Bad: Still an hour until "Project Runway" comes on -- why such a late hour for these shows?

The Good: I am making myself a cup of chamomile tea, and the smell of the tea, mingling with the scent of the cinnamon candle in the kitchen, combined with the soft Christmas tree lights, combined with the rain outdoors, makes me feel all warm and snugly inside.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope yours was filled with more "good" than "bad."


Firefly's Running said...

Project Runway rocks! Bitchy drama and fashion - great combo!

J~mom said...

My sister said the same thing about me drinking coffee after the high blood pressure thing. I knew once I got out of there my blood pressure would be fine. Actually once they let me put on my real top and not the paper one I started feeling better.

I enjoyed your post. I might have to rock out to some Christmas tunes the next time I clean.

Alison said...

You weighed yourself at the GROCERY STORE? Did you use a produce scale or something?

Doug said...

I think I would classify Christmas Music under "The Bad." I worked at a grocery store which deemed Christmas season as October through March. As a result, I! Hate! Christmas! Music!

Call me a party pooper, I blame my old boss!

David said...

I would stay that's more good than...the other.

Personally, I only put balsamic and EVOO on salads at home. Lets the flavors of the vegies stay intact and enlivens some of them.

(I hope "enlivens" is a word, professor)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Weighing at the grocery store. That's a new one.

I just got hooked on Project Runway, tivo'd the entire 2006 season and watched it last weekend. Love it.

L*I*S*A said...

Good: recruited someone to share in the madness of 40/40 (see blog).

Bad: homemade cheesecake for coworker's birthday. It was good, but eating two servings was perhaps bad.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the good out weighed the bad. And, I must say I love project runaway.

Wes said...

Oh, run in the rain! It can be so much fun :-)

Oooo la la, warm and snugly eh? What did hubby say about that?

keith said...

I will trade your rain and probably what, 60 - 70 degrees for our impending winter storm and 6 degrees.

I see now, why you moved. I think I'd even be okay with the alligators you've got running around all over the damn place down there.

why on earth would they put a scale in a grocery store? i'd think that might end up cutting into the bottom line. who wants to remind themselves what's ahead when they purchase the two-for one oreo cookie special?

Erin said...


I hear you. Those grocery stores ruin peoples holiday spirit. After 7 years of scanning and bagging groceries, I said bah humbug to the holiday spirit. I think it took about 7 more years to actually like Christmas music again (limited exposure though).

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Looks like your day was pretty good. Many more highlights than lowlights - or more specifically, the highs outweighed the lows in my opinion. Here's to a holiday season filled with much more of the same!

Marcy said...

They have a scale at your grocery store?!?! They only have those blood pressure machines that all the old folks line up for at ours LOL

Laura N said...

Cute post, Jen. I liked it a lot. GOOD stuff here.

P.O.M. said...

You're so tiny!

I'm so excited for Christmas this year too! I can't wait to get a tree. Have to get thru my bday this weekend, then will focus 100% on Christmas!

MN Mom said...

You almost could have called it the Good, the Bad & the Ugly...
Sounds like your good out weighed the bad! And now I know the way to your heart is through Christmas music!

Anonymous said...

I *love love love love love* Project Runway! Along with my zillion other shows I TiVo.

Mendy said...

Love the list and it does look more good than bad! I love balsamic/olive oil dressing.