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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Air conditioner was easily fixed, and it wasn't too costly -- we are now enjoying the comfort of cool, air conditioned air again.

Otherwise, there's not much to report. I am already deviating from my half-marathon running schedule, and instead of running last night, I battled my husband in a 4 hour Risk showdown (I conquered, for the first time ever -- usually my armies fold early in the game and I often times lose in an embarassing manner). And today, I hope to get that run in that I missed yesterday, but I can't guarantee that I will: I have a class to teach until noon and this afternoon, I get to meet some friends for lunch and then trot off for a free facial! After all that, who knows if I'll be up for a run.

Hope everyone else is being a better runner than I!


Neese said...

oh man a free facial can i come too? have a glorious day with or without the run! you deserve it ;)

teacherwoman said...

Free facial?!?! I have never had a facial! Sounds fun! Enjoy your saturday...I am a believer that saturdays and sundays are meant to be days of rest...but usually in the running world end up being "catch-up" days!

Firefly's Running said...

Free facial? How cool!

Erin said...


You are the only one that the facial was free for. Your superb will power and lack of desire for new products is amazing.