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Monday, January 22, 2007

Running Dream

Last night, I had an odd running/marathon dream. I dreamt that I was running the Chicago marathon, except I was only running the half (which, I don't think Chicago offers a half alongside its full, but dreams are not a place for logic). Anyway, I got there with some other RBFers and we are running very late, so we throw our stuff onto this patch of grass and head for the start. I get to the start, but somehow don't realize that I'm still wearing flip-flops instead of running shoes.

Instead of running back to my abandoned stuff in the grass, I decide to just go ahead and run in my flip-flops (heck, it's "only" 13 miles, right?), but about a mile into the run, the flip-flops are clearly not working out, so I stop at a shoe store -- it just happens to be along the route and it's open. I stop and try on some shoes and decide on a pair, but then have no money to pay for them since my stuff is all back on that random piece of grass. So, get this: I decide to run BACK to the patch of grass to get my money and then back to the store to buy the new running shoes!

I can't recall much else about the dream, but it felt hectic and stressful -- not to mention, completely irrational (if I were to run back for the money, why wouldn't I have just run back for my shoes?). I don't know what prompted the dream, but I also don't know why I was dreaming about serial killers and vampires last week, but I can say that if I do run Chicago, I will be extra careful to remember to put my running shoes on!


Matt Cooper said...

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Froyd said...

oooo...personalized blog comment spam!

In the sky said...

Hello, I was trying to find people that have done the Disney Marathon and I signed up to run next year. My first full Marathon, it's all very exciting! (and a little scary...) I just wanted to ask you a few questions about the race though, my hubby wants to come with me but I am really unsure how it all works. Like does he need to buy a ticket to get into the park?? Or is the race not ran actually in the park. Any info would be wonderful! Great job on the race by the way. :)

miss petite america said...

so none of the rbers mentioned to you that you weren't wearing running shoes?!

runner26 said...

are you doing chicago?? I know it was one of your choices, and obviously I am biased, but it is a great race--and I promise none of that wierd stuff will happen if you do it :)

Firefly's Running said...

OMG..I had those type of dreams.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a sign - Run Chicago but not in flip flops

brunettechicagogal said...

I've had running dreams from time to time, but they're always of the "I can't seem to get through this course and everyone's passing me up" variety. I know all too well those dreams aren't really about running!

Amanda said...

At least you got a new pair of running shoes out of the deal! Hope they were worth the 2 miles out of your way you had to run to buy them.

Diana said...

I had a similar dream, only I was wearing these aweful clogs that wouldn't say on my feet and my feet kept sliding out and I'd hit my arches on the back of the shoes. In my dream though, I called my husband on my cell phone and he brought me some running shoes. I had to go a long way out of my way to meet him and he kept saying, "you'd forget your head if it wasn't attached" (which isn't true).