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Friday, January 26, 2007

I K(need) Some Rest

Today, it is sunny, but it remains cool with highs only reaching into the low 70s. I thought it would make for perfect running weather, so I set out mid-morning for a long run. However, I have to be honest: It was not a great run.

First of all, I'm behind on laundry, so I had to wear the running clothes that I least like, coupled with socks that are truly sub-par. It may sound stupid, but my running outfit really does set the mood, and when I'm in my favorite stuff, I feel like a million bucks, but when I'm in shorts that make me feel chubby and a top that feels too loose, I don't feel on top of my game.

So, part way into the run, the crappy right foot sock slips into my shoe and so my shoe kept rubbing the back of my ankle leaving the skin there raw. But this was truly secondary to the pain in my right knee. Ever since the marathon, my right knee has ached when I run -- but only when I run. There's no pain when I walk, there's no inflammation, and there's no problem bending or stretching it -- it just aches when I run lately. But today it was really hurting while I ran, so at mile 2, I turned around and headed for home, and I ended up walking the last mile to round out 4 total. Harrumph. I had hoped to go much farther.

The knee thing bugs me not because I'm in any excruiating pain, but I'm wondering if it's an irritation that just needs time, ice, stretching, and strength training, or is it something to consult a doctor over? Worrying over the matter as I walked the last mile didn't improve my mood.

Aside from the knee business, I under-estimated how warm I would get. It's cool today, yes, but 70 in the sun while running is still quite warm, and I could feel my little face turn the beet red it does when I'm straining under the warmth of the direct sun. Plus, I knew I should've put on sunblock or worn a hat -- so now there are a few more freckles that could very well one day be skin cancer.

So, I got home feeling hot, disappointed, achy, and possibly cancerous. And to top that off, I looked in the mirror and I seem to have a pimple on my neck! Ugh, tomorrow, I'm resting.


Erin said...

Did your knee hurt yesterday when you ran but not when I forced you to walk at a faster than normal pace? ;)

I can completely relate to the clothing thing. I used to be that way when I skated. The days I had clean, matching outfits (many layers for an ice skater and if you match during all of the, you rock!) felt more productive. As for the socks...I think I need some decent ones. I got a blister on my heel from walking last night.

Jess said...

Knee ached when I ran yesterday, but didn't hurt. Was fine when I walked (pace was fine).

After going to good socks, I really can't go back to the old, crappy, Target brand ones for exercising, which sucks b/c good socks are expensive.

Firefly's Running said...

Oh no! I guess I am not the only one with knee problems....and on the same knee too. I hope it resolves itself soon.

Lee said...

I just spent the past two hours reading your entire blog! I just thought I'd say hello.

I've had some achey knee problems lately and everyone has told me that I need to do more lower body strength training. Maybe that'll help you.

teacherwoman said...

I too can relate to the clothing thing! Just last Saturday I was wearing socks that weren't what I would have called my "greatest" running socks and I was trying to tell my sister when we were heading to the gym that if my intervals went crappy I was definitely going to blame the socks!

I hope your knee gets better. Rest. Ice. Compress. Stretch. Tomorrow with no running should help! That is about all I have for you!

brunettechicagogal said...

What part of your knee hurts? If it's around the outside and top of the kneecap, that's due to tight IT bands, which can be alleviated with stretching and using a foam roller to massage the tightness out. If it's another part of your knee, check www.runnersworld.com and go to their injury link to figure out what's causing the pain.

Liv said...

Ugh, sucky runs are no fun. But (very belated!) congratulations on running your first marathon - how much I have missed! Way to go!

RunnerGirl said...

I am so sorry tha tyou have knee issues! That definitely puts a damper on running.

I too feel like I need to ahve on my fave stuff - I am a runner clothes elitest! LOL

I used to say, once I bought new clothes or running socks - "OK. NOW I am a runner." My friend used to laugh at me, but it was truw - I felt like a real honest to goodness runner!

miss petite america said...

man i always find a pimple on my worst days too!! and i know what you mean about having the right clothes. heck i even have fave undies for when i know i have to be on top of my game.

i'd say do some research on the ache and self diagnose and then if after time it doesn't go away, see a doc.