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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Numbers, Some of Them

Days until the marathon: 4.

Hours until the marathon: 86.

Number of training runs left: 2.

Miles left to run in training: 6.

Number of miles to Disney: 180.

Miles to run in the marathon: 26.2

Estimated hours to run marathon: 5 1/2.

Number of miles from Disney back home: 180.

Amount I am freaking out: unmeasurable.


teacherwoman said...

Oh, hun! You will be just fine! I KNOW IT!! you have trained sooo hard! :)

Neese said...

you OWN this race. i'm excited for you, if i don't get a chance before then to say, take lots of photos and retain all the experience to retell to all of us on the edge of our seat waiting for you after the finish line!

miss petite america said...

you forgot the number of people rooting for you!!! :)

and the number of celebratory beers you'll have.

runnergirl said...

You are going to do awesome!!

JustJunebug said...

i second what petite america said!!!


Running Jayhawk said...

Are you just SO EXCITED?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

I cannot wait to hear all about it. YOU OWN THAT RACE!!

Ryan said...

Jess, don't worry you will do fine. If you would like, I could print out a picture of me in my halloween costume and you can hang it in front of your head like they do with donkeys and carrots. You will probably finish in less than 4 hours if you did that.