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Monday, January 08, 2007


Now that the Disney Marathon is behind me, it's time to look forward to the year ahead of me in 2007 and decide on some running resolutions. I have lots on my mind for what I'd like to accomplish, but I decided to narrow my goals down to the follow for 2007:

1. Run another marathon. Either one of the following: Chicago, Marine Corps, or Twin Cities. They are all in October, so I can only choose one. I guess I'll just need to look carefully at each and determine which is the best choice for me this year.

2. Run a half marathon. After this marathon, I can see how the half is such an appealing distance. I was feeling great at 13.1 miles: It's a challenging distance, yet not as exhausting as the full marathon, and I think it would be fun to run one. I would like to search for one that takes place in either April or May, so I'll have to look carefully.

3. Improve on my 5K time. The 5K is my most practiced race, and I do enjoy the short distance, but I'd like to better my time. Currently, my PR is 28:28, and even if I shave off 30 seconds, I'd be pleased.

4. Branch out and try some new races. I tend to stick with the same races and distances, but I'd like to try some new distances and locations. Some distances that I'm looking at: 10K, 4 miler, 10 miler, and 5 miler. Dates and locations to be determined.

Lastly, a non-running goal: Return to some other forms of exercise. I love running, I do, but that's all I've been doing for the past 18 weeks. I'd like to return to some spinning classes, some yoga, and weights. Strangely enough, those activities might turn me into a better runner!


Running Jayhawk said...

So what you're saying is...I should start petitioning NOW for you to run the Chicago marathon...right? *nudge*nudge*

But those are some really good running resolutions to have. 2007 will be full of PRs for you, no doubt!

How are you feeling today, by the way? Like a million bucks that can't move?! eh?

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miss petite america said...

believe it or not, the 5K is my most dreaded race.

and it is true that the cross training will turn you into a better runner. so i definitely see lots of PRs for you in 2007! good luck!

teacherwoman said...

Spinning, definitely do some spinning! I am doing the same to increase my endurance and strength. I hope to get in a spin class on wednesdays and saturdays.

Hey, you could do the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon Labor Day weekend! It would probably fit your marathon training schedule?! I would love to do that one! Being a teacher and all, that is a perfect longer weekend before things get crazy!