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Thursday, January 18, 2007

"I want to quit the gym!"

Whenever I think of canceling my gym membership, I think of that episode of "Friends" where Chandler wants "to quit the gym." But he lacks the gumption to do it, so Ross goes with him, and ends up getting a membership as well. It's just hilarious. Anyway, I figure I'll think on it until the end of the month (and maybe re-watch that episode on DVD for research purposes) -- I've already paid from the 9th of Jan through the 9th of Feb, so why not see how much I use it in the next few weeks? If I'm still not attending, I'll cancel before the next month is automatically withdrawn from my checking account (if you've seen the "Friends" episode, you'll remember that Ross and Chandler decide to cut the gym off "at the source" -- the bank, but they wind up with a joint checking account instead -- really, the antics are priceless on that show).

In other news, our air conditioner went kaput, so that meant it was hot in our condo last night. Thankfully, it rained yesterday, so the air outside was nice and cool when I went for my evening run -- just a short 2 miles. In many places this time of year, it's best to have your house warmer than the outdoors, but it FL, it is almost never desirable. The air people come this afternoon: Cross your fingers that it is the fast, cheap kind of fix and not the expensive, lengthy kind.


teacherwoman said...

You were hot last night.... I was cold. Is there a happy medium anywhere?

brunettechicagogal said...

So funny that you're having A/C problems -- and foreign to me in January, although I will say that my boss had on her A/C yesterday b/c we're on the 5th floor of a very old, steam-heated building, and it was hotter than Hades in the office. But other than that, winter has finally arrived on the East Coast. It even snowed a bit today! As for the health club, since you don't have cold weather to drive you off the running path, quit the gym!

miss petite america said...

omg i LOVE that episode. are they gonona bring out a david beckham lookalike to try to persuade you to stay?

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! You need to send that heat up here and FAST..PLEASE!!