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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Does anyone know?

Why, when I click on Running Rabbit's link on my blog, I get redirected to some "knee exercises" page? And the url will start correctly with her address, but then I get sidelined to a place I don't want to be. My link has always functioned properly before, what has happened? Has anyone else tried accessing her page?

RR, are you out there?

*Edit: Read MN Firefly's blog to find RR. That's how I found her.*

*Edit, Edit: I changed my link on the sidebar to reflect RR's new address, so now we can all find her.*


In the sky said...

HI! I just wanted to say great job on the Marathon! No matter how hard it was you finished, you didn't give into the pain but kept going with all heart. I've been to your blog a few times before and it's always inspiring to me to read about other people's outlook on running. And to hear about their running victorys! Con-grats again!

Running Rabbit said...

Awwww....Honey bunny!!! I am here!! That is so thoughtful of you to be concerned. It's been a fuck of ride...because of the shit ass teen living with me. In fact I am waiting for a meeting and hopefully will get her lazy sorry ass OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!

I hope I offended her in writing this! (If the cunt is reading this!)

Firefly's Running said...

Thanks for finding the information on my blog.

Dr. Stephanie said...
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Dr. Stephanie said...

That's the spirit, Running Rabbit.

By the way, Jess, I say to go ahead and ram the old people with the shopping cart. The one thing I ask is for you to scream, "This is for Joyce the Ancient Receptionist!