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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekends are always a whirlwind of activity, and this one was no exception.

On Saturday, we visited Pilot Mountain, which is a nearby state park, to do some hiking and sightseeing.

The view from the top was pretty impressive, and the hiking trails there are great, but the kids' legs only lasted so long.

Still, they had fun, climbed lots of rocks, and saw a deer.

Saturday afternoon, we attended a tae kwon do birthday party, wherein I had to participate so that the kids would too.  Thankfully, no pictures of that!

Today, Father's Day, I wrapped up my week with Mizuno Baton with one, last run with the app.  Technically, because of the timing, this was 8 days of running.

Then, the kids and I treated Jerry by leaving the house for 4 hours.  We tried out a new water park that was awesome and where I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time this summer.

Jerry reportedly played video games, watched tv, and took a nap.  He declared it a perfect Father's Day!

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Carolina John said...

That sounds like an excellent Fathers day weekend! Very cool. I love Pilot Mtn, it's a helluva climb on the bike.