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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Running: Before and After Kids

Before kids, after a hard run or race, I came home and slept.  Just letting my body recover and relax.

After kids, after a hard run or race, if I lay down to rest, I am just an open invitation to being a human trampoline.

Before kids, I had more time than I cared to value, and I spent an embarrassing amount of it watching re-runs of "The King of Queens."  I ran when I wanted to.

After kids, when precious little time is mine to squander, I have to find ways of multi-tasking.  For example: Running WHILE watching tv WHILE caring for my kids.  I am excellent at doing all three simultaneously without letting one suffer.

Would I trade the kids for all the sleep, tv, and guilt-free running in the world?

Better not ask that question.  Feelings might get hurt.


Elizabeth said...

and you say you have no free time on your hands ;)

Turi Becker said...

Awesome. Love the dinner roll running shoes.

Amy said...

This made me laugh. Very true.

Carolina John said...

yep, that's how it goes. very cool. you have mad skillz, esp if you can fend off the OITNB questions at the same time.

runner26 said...

the worst part about running after you have kids is the lack of recovery time. the second i get in the door, everyone needs me. my post workout workout is harder than the actual run!

Anonymous said...

Ive been following you for years because our kids are really close in age and I also run. That cartoon totally sums up my run today and made me chuckle!

Krissy said...

I haven't been around in a while but I pop in and out of your blog and it's still hands down my favorite one! Love your writing and humor.

I have to say this entry totally cracked me up your depiction of running on the treadmill is SO my life with 2 boys! And the lesbians in prison cracks me up! I watch the same exact show! bahhah....!