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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Runner Problems

Runners, maybe more than even fashionistas, obsess over shoes.  Even if we're obsessing over going shoeless, we think about shoes a lot.

For the past year, I've been running in Saucony Virratas, and have been happy with them.  But, even a satisfied runner is always giving other shoes a sideways glance.

My current shoes have been getting a little worn, and my big toe -- on both shoes -- is poking through the mesh.  Perfect time to consider a new pair and maybe, possibly switching brands.  So, I started browsing, eliciting advice from fellow runners online, and comparing brands, fits, etc.

After such exploration, I thought Mizuno's Wave Sayonaras would be rad.  But some extensive shopping online revealed that they didn't make their shoes smaller than a woman's 6.

I have the smallest adult feet in the history of feet, and with wearing a half size larger, I still only wear a 5.5 -- half a size too small for the grande 6.  I Tweeted Mizuno to confirm that they didn't make anything smaller, and they were very kind in chatting with me via Twitter about my wee foot woes.

In the end, it was suggested I check out their shoe comparison tool to find a comparable brand and fit to the Sayonaras.

And, I did use their handy comparison tool.  You know what shoe was recommended?

The Saucony Virratas.

Thus, my search came full circle.  Must be destiny.

I ordered the Virratas today, but just to switch things up, I bought a bright, bold color.

Hope they don't blind me when they arrive!


Kathee said...

Those are small feet! I have very long long skinny feet. I have to wear a mens size 11 to run in. Mens shoes tend to be more narrow then womens.
The struggle is real. ;)

Amy said...

Wow. Those are small feet.

Crystal said...

Love the bright colors!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Holy crap. One of my feet is like twice the size of yours! Little bitty feet!

Nikki Scott said...

Those are very tiny feet! I think it’s pretty cool that Mizuno was happy to help you find a similar brand of shoes when they didn’t have the size you needed. Yay Mizuno, even though you ended up with the Saucony. The sayonara are a pretty rad shoe but I’m glad you got something you’ll like.

Carolina John said...

That's wild! The same thing happens to me when I try to switch brands. I'll find something I think I'm going to like, go to the running store and chat with the running shoe guy, then end up buying another pair of mizzuno's.

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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Jamoosh said...

Running Warehouse had a shoe fitting tool. Hasn't steered me wrong yet.

Lisa Isenberger said...

I have a friend that could probably rival you in the small feet category.

Natsu Uaganda said...

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