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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well, That's One Way to Get it Done

This summer, I've been using the treadmill at the campus gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays after my classes.  But, lately, I have just not been feelin' the 'mill.  And today, when I got done with class at 2 pm, I thought, "Hmmm, it's not that hot out is it?"  So, I decided to skip the treadmill in favor of heading home and doing my run at home.  Turns out, though, it was that hot out.

I figured I'd just stay close to home and cut the run short if I felt like I was gonna burst into flames.  Sure enough, after 3 miles, I was running back home to seek the comfort of the A/C. 

Back inside and just look at that sweat glisten!  Yeah, I'm bringing sexy back...

I gave myself about 10 minutes to cool off and de-sweatify.  I drank a glass of water (I'd also drunk about 16 oz pre-run and about 6 oz during those 3 miles, so I needed a potty break too) and then I decided I couldn't let the day pass without getting all of my intended miles done.

So, I got my visor and sunglasses back on, refilled my water so it was cold, and prepped to head back out into Hades.

2 miles later, I was back at home and glad to be done with that!  Even my sunglasses seem to be wilting!

I had purposely not checked the weather before heading out for either run because I knew it would probably deter me, or at least make me second guess my dubious choice, but afterward, I checked and discovered that the temp was 97 degrees.  Uff-da!

Normally, I would never run an afternoon 5 miler in this heat, but I'm pleased I got it done and didn't let myself stop at that initial 3 miler.  And, afterward, a cool shower and tall glass of iced lemonade never felt nor tasted SO good!


James said...

Way to kick butt against the heat!

MCM Mama said...

NIce job! I have to admit I chose the treadmill over a 104 degree run today. Yeah, I'm a wuss.

Erika . . . with a K said...

That's awesome. I love running in the heat... I feel like all the extra sweat makes me feel like I've accomplished a lot more than I actually did!

Carolina John said...

Ugh that seems miserable. The only acceptable course of action in 97* heat is drinking beer and sitting in the shade. Congratulations on having more determination than I would have.

runner26 said...

Was there vodka in that lemonade?? Cuz u earned it!! For sure!

Way to go ;)